Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some more Randomness...

Holy smokes.. last night was rough. I fell asleep on the couch. My couch must of looked very appealing because I woke up and Brauns head was right at my butt making me very uncomfortable and not able to stretch my legs. Next time I woke up, he was on the other couch. Sorry hunny.. did I kick you in the head too many times? Finally, we went and got into bed. I had nightmares all night. Since when does a grown woman (haha.. seriously, I am not that old--but it makes the sentence sound better..) anyway, grown woman have nightmares????? I had a dream I was stuck in my parents house and there was a killer that was watching us. He had us on house arrest. I tossed and turned all night, woke up sweating horribly and got on the computer. I needed to find something uplifting to read to get this insane killer out of my head! Weird. Oh and not to mention about a gazillion charlie horses in my calves. Ashley and Alli... the charlie horses have started. I think you both JINXED me. I don't remember getting these last time. So a special "thanks" goes out to both of you!! :)

So here is another post filled with randomness today! Yesterday I took Emery to Pets Mart in hope of buying her a "ishie" or a "hoppa!" (fish or frog!) No such luck though.. since when do you have to feed an indoor frog crickets? Can't you just feed them frog food? There is no way I am going to feed hoppers to hoppers.. nope, not going to happen. So then we started looking at fish and I got the childhood memories back of buying all sorts of fish, only let them die in their dirty little bowls. Sheesh, what was I thinking.. I don't want another pet in my house!! Sorry Em, I know the dogs don't want anything to do with you. But maybe you could stop trying to grab Diesel's "you know what" and he might like you. If you don't understand.. read HERE.

Next we came to the mice, rats and hamsters. Eeew... Emery wanted a mouse SOOOO BAD. She kept saying "Hold you!!" or "I LOVE YOU!!" to them with her arms open wide. Then the kissing of the cages started...

and it stopped there. Mice and I don't have a good relationship.. read HERE.

Anyway, we couldn't leave the store empty handed.. so we grabbed Diesel and Ellie some of their favorite chickeny chewy (smell absolutely disgusting) favorite treats in the world. Emery always wants to give them their treats when they come in from going potty and so I handed them to her to give them and she starts gnawing on it like jerky!! What is wrong with this girl?? :) Spoiled dogs.. speaking of spoiled.. this is what I am staring at right now. They got baths yesterday and Braun apparently was feeling nice last night.
Yep, maybe that added to my krappy nights sleep. 2 dogs walking all over me all night? No way.. couldn't of.

Oooh! I got all caught up on my website orders yesterday! That felt nice :) I made sure to add freebies into all of them for the delay in shipping--so if you placed an order.. it should be there soon! Okay, I have been blog surfing a lot of crafty blogs lately and have came upon a few cute things that you can make (or buy)! Here they all are, sorry.. there might be a few!

I have never attempted sewing a doll, so you might just wanna buy this one.. but look how dang cute these are. I love them! :) They can be found HERE at The Silly Wagon. (and they make them for boys too!)

OR... buy this ladies pattern and make your own!

Remember the Scrabble Letter Tutorial I posted a few weeks back? Well.. here is another cute idea, and if you aren't feeling crafty?? You can buy them HERE!
And wouldn't they make such cute party favors?? Oh adorable... Buy them ALL here!
Or use those same steps and turn them into magnets like SHE DID.

Ever want to make a notepad but didn't know what that sticky glue was at the top?? Well, here is a tutorial that goes through everything! Find it HERE.

Want to make some button brooches/hairclips?? Use THIS TUTORIAL to make these beauties! :) You could even make them cuter by adding some green polkadot fabric leaves.. oh how cute!
I LOVE this necklace, not sure how you could make it though..

Picture found on another blog, so don't know where you could buy it.

Anyway, that was quite the post. I think I need to get out of bed now and do something...enjoy your day!!

Oh wait, a few questions.. do any of you have an AMAZING chocolate chip cookie recipe? I want to make a bunch to take camping tomorrow and I don't think I have a good one. Please share!!

Also, I get asked a lot about how the baby naming is coming along.. well, it is coming along. No other words to describe it. Braun and I can't agree on anything. He likes Harley (which is NOT my favorite) Thanks Sara for that one! :) :) :) I actually did meet a cute little girl named Harley and it opened my eyes (a little bit) to the cuteness of it. SShhh.. don't tell Braun. But so far my others are Paisley, (I still can't get that out of my head from when I wanted to name Emery that..) Ivy, just cute... and the newest.. Indie. I have never met a little girl named Indie before and for some reason, I really like it. Braun even likes it too! Weird :) I saw a custom necklace for a little girl at the Expo last weekend and the name on it was "Indie" After I saw it, I went and wrote it on a sheet of paper about a gazillion times and I dunno.. I still don't feel like it is "THE ONE" so if any of you have heard any other cute ones, let me know!!!


Melissa said...

I sent you a recipe to your bitsyblossoms email. Not the easiest recipe, but they were SO good!.....

Ali said...

Hey Tara, Sorry about the nightmares. Those are the worst. I get them once and a while. Sorry also about the charlie horses. They are the worst. Just remember to flex your foot. As soon as you do it goes away. I like Indie that is cute. Harley and Indie are my favorite. Good luck I HATE that part of having a baby!

Anonymous said...

Tara your daughter is so funny! I read about the "beep beep" story and I don't know if I have ever laughed so hard in my life!!!!! I don't know what it is about Chihuahuas, but kids love them and the feeling is NOT mutual.

The Clarks said...

Tara, you are really crackin me up on your obsession with names. I thought that I was the one who was obsessed... I am not so sure now:) OK the more I have thought about Indie, I am in love. How cute is Ivy and Indie together... I mean Emmery and Indie! I have presented the the name "indie" to johnny about 5 times, and he is still not buying it, so I am glad that you got Braun's stamp of approval. And no, you wouldn't know my sister-in-law kippy...she lives in AZ. And sprinkles is in az too... I wish they had one here! We need to get together! Call me when you are free...

p.s where is the "how to" notepads??

The Clarks said...

i am so retarded... I found the tutorial!

ScottNLili said...

Im sorry I posted my bag!! I know what you mean though, I dont want to buy anything, in fear of missing out on something better. But, if it makes you feel any better about the whole situation, my husband bought it for I really have no choice but to use it. Wouldnt want to hurt his feelings!!! HAHA.
Oh, and the post about Em grabbing your dogs 'you know what', i've got a niece that is obsessed with my dogs hole. She thinks its the best thing ever, so we have to be really careful when she's over, so she doest try to poke her finger in them. Little kids are hilarious!
Beep Beep!

Vernos said...

What about Saylor? Sailor? Sayler? Tatem? Livie, tessa, Tia, Te'a. Teah? i don't know, you've prob heard these, but they're kinda cute!
Ps, i think those necklaces with the names and the bling would be darling party favors, I'd need you to hand teach me, or just make them for me, like always;)

the murdocks said...

Ooooo...I love Indie! That is super cute...but I also love Harley. I HATE choosing names, I'm so dang indecisive. You are daring to share all your faves. I hate getting critiqued by people so I shut my mouth until they are born. I think we have one, but I still won't make a 100% decision until after she's born. I feel ya on that subject.
p.s. I won't steal your names ;) But I do love the ones you named on here!

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