Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am SOOO annoyed!!!

I just came home to watch the Big Brother 10 season Finale which I have been following ALL SEASON only to find out that my stupid TiVO didn't record it. I want to scream!! So in the process of me searching for the episode through Brauns eyes (I gave him my computer so that I wouldn't see who won accidentally!) and him not being able to find it, I found out that Dan won. I am so stinkin' mad. I hate TiVO! AND I know it was not user error! I specifically went out of my way to come home and make sure that it was set to record!! However, I am happy that Dan won. I wanted him to win and not Memphis. Are any of you Big Brother followers? I love it.

On a lighter note, I am getting fat. There... I said it. Want proof? Here ya go. 25 weeks along baby!! 15 more weeks and I am done. Holy smokes.. 15 weeks? UGH!!! I also added a name poll to the side bar. I am not saying any of those will be her name, I just want some opinions on favorites!!

I think I need to go to bed. I am getting meaner by the second. Braun just said he can see flames coming out of my nostril.

P.S. I keep getting a lot of Charlie Horses at night. I know that they are a lot more common during pregnancy, but do you know if they are caused by a lack of a certain vitamin? I tried searching and have found some sites say calcium and others say potassium. Just curious!!

Wowsa.. I need to stop complaining about everything. Let see, what are 10 positive things going on right now??

1. Emery is starting to talk a lot more. She is putting a lot more words together and is so proud of herself.
2. My house is somewhat picked up right now AND someone is coming to clean all the stuff I don't like to clean tomorrow! (Bathrooms, floors, walls, etc!) Yayy!!
3. I am not stressed out about anything right now. Not Oh Sweet Sadie, not about my house, not about anything! That is always nice :)
4. I think I am going to put some red in my hair tomorrow. Maybe even brown, wait.. no, I want red.. I am getting bored and red is always fun!!
5. My sister was getting rid of a brand new in the box photo printer tonight and she gave it to me! Yay! Now maybe I can get caught up on my journaling :)
6. I read on Design Mom that Stephenie Nielsen (NieNie) has gotten $117,000 so far from all of the blogging worlds generosity. Isn't that amazing? Most of the people have never even met her. People can be so wonderful, can't they??
7. Brauns year end party for work is this weekend! I will be able to see all of the people that I had to miss all summer long! It should be super fun.. and I can't wait to see everyone!
8. My little sister doesn't have seizures anymore since her brain surgery. Which is AMAZING considering she had over 1000 seizures in 5 months and was having them every couple minutes on most days.
9. I haven't gained double digits yet this pregnancy. Yay for me. I am pretty sure by this time last pregnancy, I had gained about 20 pounds. Dang Bedrest and gaining 9 pounds in 1 week!!
10. I "made" $200 dollars today by returning things that have been sitting around my house waiting to be taken back. Braun says I am not "MAKING" money when I do that because it is money that shouldn't of left our bank in the first place, but I feel otherwise 'cause if I forgot to take it back which I more than likely will, then we would be "out" the money. See, I am right. The best is when you go to the mall and return something for $300 and spend $100.. that is basically $100 worth of free stuff and you made $200!! I love my logic.

See.. I am happier already.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?!?! You look great. You are such a cute pregnant lady!!!

ScottNLili said...

I hear ya on the leg pain. I get them soooooo bad, I can hardly move in the mornings. I've heard that eating a banana a day will help with the charlie horses, and i've been eating banana's, and...I havent had a bad cramp in a couple days. I dont know if its my mind telling my body to stop, or if the banana's are really helping, so you might want to try it? But yes, i've heard potassium is the 'cure'.

The Wood's said...

You are not fat, just cute as ever. I heard that putting a bar of soap at the end of your bed will help with the leg cramps. That is a Grandma Taylor cure. It worked with Maycee.
Good luck my dear.
Did you get the text of my white hair. My friends call me la rubia.
Love Ya

Jessica said...

I found your blog on Britt Faiga's, and, being a fellow B.L. girly, I already felt a kinship with you.. ;) I totally love your musings & enjoying what you have to write!

Cole and Stephanie Fowler said...

Hey Tara it's Steph West from high school. I'm sad to admit but I am also a big brother watcher. FYI you can watch the last episode on the big brother website.
I also hear that eating banana's/potassium do the trick for charlie horses.
What a cute family... congrats and the new baby that's coming!

Ashley said...

HaHAHA!!!! Tara! You're a dork! hahaha. "See..I'm happier already." hahaha!!!!! That just made me laugh out loud. Probably beause I can totally hear your voice.

Mike and Felisha said...

I used to get Charley horses ALL the time when I was preg...I have no words of advice sorry!! I heard potassium was the best and I ate so many banana's and it didn't work good luck!! Also I'm glad that Harley on your poll is the least fav because we just named our boy puppy that:)

Oh and you still look cute as ever!!

The Parks Fam said...

Hey Tara!
Yay that you found me, isn't the blog world the greatest thing ever?? I have checked your blog out a few times, From Sabrina Box's blog. I bet thats where you found mine. We have a few of the same friends. SMALL WORLD! It looks like we are due on the same day. I am being induced December 30 or 31st if I haven't already had the baby, hopefully I don't make it that far but I also don't want a Christmas baby either so who knows! I can't ALWAYS have what I want:). I love that you do Oh Sweet Sadie, I have seen a bunch of invites for it from my friends! We are going to come shopping there on Friday, I will definitely check your stuff out, it all looks ADORABLE. and WHAT!! You do glitter toes?!! Good to know, I have some on as we speak, they are the cutest! Looks like things are going soo good for you. Emery is darling, the curls in her hair are too die for. Keep in touch, I will add you too my "friend' list.


P.S. I'm with ya on the leg cramps, let me know what works for you. I wanna cry they hurt soo bad!

The Clarks said...

Alright! I am pretty offended that the name Ivy only has 6 percent of the votes! Jk I could care less, that just means less Ivy's in the world for me:)

Kami said...

So.. i would have voted on your poll, but i really cant decide which i like better out of Paisley and Indie!!! Pete has always told me bananas help with charlie horses, i got them when i was prego too.
You are so cute preggers - you look amazing!

Gentri said...

Hey Tara, I'm here with you on Charlie Horses and what worked for me was potassium (bananas) and stretching my legs right before bed! Again, you are a funny blogger :) thanks for keeping everyone laughing! (I love names that end in "y" to go along with Emery by the way..)

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