Monday, September 29, 2008

Eatin cheese and drinkin sippies!

What a tough life!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Okay everyone!! Sorry, I didn't think as many of you would want this pattern!! So here is the link for it.. It is a Martha Stewart pattern and as much as I love Martha, her patterns are horrible and not very thorough. If ya have questions, ask them here! I can help ya..
Marthas Mary Janes
Or here is another cute shoe pattern on Heather Baileys site.
Bitty Booties Pattern
And this pattern is for the boots!
Molly's Boots!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Introducing.. Ashley NELSON!

So Ashley and I have been great friends for forever. Well, since 7th grade, but thats basically forever. She got married to Jake yesterday and she looked beautiful!! Here are some pictures from yesterday! LOTS of pictures!!
Hayley and baby Grace, Heather, Ashley, Amy, Me and Em!

All of the above people.. plus the Quarnbergs! Ashleys fill in husband...

Heather and Ashley!
Oh I LOVED getting married! BEST DAY EVER!!!

Ashley, T Sizzo and Em!!

Heather, Tara, Em, Hayley, Grace and Amy (who is getting married in 2 weeks!!!) P.S. I LOVE YOUR HAIR AMY!!

Yummm.... this luncheon food was DELICIOUS!! Thanks ash!

Here is me and Stacey. She is due one month and 2 days before me! Us shorties sure do poke out quick!

Okay, so Ashleys cute husband Jake was singing a song to her during the luncheon. Emery decided to feed herself some of the apple pie that they served for dessert. Well, the whipped cream wasn't coming off of her fork and so I went to help her with it and she flung it. Braun was texting his mom on the phone and next thing he knows.. SPLAT!! He was creamed with a huge chunk of whip cream! I literally had to concentrate on not peeing my pants while I was laughing so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes. It was so dang funny.
Well, last night was so crazy and I am happy the day is over. During the luncheon, Brauns mom text him and said that his dad was going in for a spur of the moment kidney surgery. So we had to leave a little early. I got everything set up in time for the boutique today and even got to Kendalls birthday party. (2 hours late, but I got there!!)

Last night, Braun and I were being SOOO silly. We got in a big water fight in our bathroom and I did cheer moves in my spandex. Braun is being a butt head and totally blackmailing me with a picture of me doing a heel stretch in a spandex jumpsuit. So, if you get the picture... or happen to see it, I am sorry. He refuses to take it down and is emailing it to as many people as possible. Its okay though, cause he has a giant coldsore on his lip and his doctor prescribed him Valtrex for genital herpes.

AND he looks like this when he works out...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry everyone!!

I've been busy busy busy this week! Especially today. One of my best
friends got married so we had the temple, pictures, a luncheon and
Now the reception. But before I
Go to the reception, I have to run and set up at Oh Sweet Sadie and
right after my niece Kendall turns 2 today and it's her party!! Whoa..
See, it's been a busy day. Anyway, I'll post the link for shoe
pattern later! For now, here is a cute picture of my hot hubs and
little Em from today at the luncheon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Check out "Paisleys" cute new shoes!...I'm very proud of them!
Made from scratch!! There is a really good chance I made 2 right feet. I can't really tell.

P.S. I have a pattern if anyone wants one!! Just leave me your email.. think of how cute they would be as gifts! :)

And no, we didn't decide on a name yet. I figure if I start calling her Paisley (my 1st pick!!) Braun will realize that he likes it and I will get my way. :)

Sewing Sewing Sewing!!

Well, I have been wanting to get a nice sewing machine for a long time! I have been using this cheap-o one from Wal Mart that is horrible. I always thought that it was just me being a krappy sewer and not my machine...well, I was wrong. Okay, HALF WRONG. I still am not a great seamstress, but having a nice machine DEFINATELY helps!! I got a Husqvarna Viking.. I am so excited!! I have already made a bunch of bags on it today and decided to take on something I have never done.. I am making a Wee Wonderful dolly for Em.

She has sat by me and helped me make it for most of the time. We stuffed a little felt heart in there with some special words on it. Now I need to go through the boxes of her clothes and find a dress to cut up to make this little dollys dress out of. If you want to make these cute little dolls, go HERE to buy the pattern.. you can download it immediately from the site.
I still have a ways to go! I am only at this point:
Next up on my list of things to make are these booties!
Okay now for something a little off topic..actually WAY off topic. So if you have seen my husband lately, you would of more than likely noticed the giant HERPE on his lip. He has about 5 coldsores in 1. Poor guy. No smoochin' for us for a good week. Anyway, yesterday he came home and had 15... yes FIFTEEN canker sores on his tongue. ALL over it. He didn't even want to talk to me cause his tongue hurt so bad. He didn't eat anything out of the ordinary to give him so many. His mom is into all of that herbal medicine stuff and so she has him doing a few different pills, herbs, etc.. but seriously, the coldsore was bad enough. What did he do to deserve a gazillion cankers too?? Poor guy, I can't help but laugh. (definately not in front of him though.) So the point to all this rambling is.. Do you think its a virus?? Like an entire mouth virus?? Seriously, that is so strange.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

..Happy Sunday..

Hope it was great for all of you!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh Sweet Sadie is today!! (and tomorrow too...)

I am BEYOND excited for this show this weekend. There is so many new vendors this time. I just loved seeing everything all set up last night. I am going first thing this morning to pick out all of my purchases!! :) There is honestly about $500 worth of things I feel like I HAVE to have. So lets just hope that when I get there today, I still won't feel that way. Most of the things that I want are for cute little babies, like a HOT PINK retro recliner, this dang cute car seat cover by Eletent. some cute jewelry for Emery, some notepads by Jot It Down for me, cute hats (and they have larger sizes for big heads!! Come on.. my head isn't THAT big, its all hair :)) Shucks, I don't even remember everything I want, but it sure is a lot. oohh.. a Pettiskirt for myself.. just imagine, me twirling around in it. (hahahah.. totally for Em!) Oh I am definately getting one of these recycled notebooks. Only because I have a major obsession with notebooks of all kinds, some crayon rolls.. see why I have a list a gazillion miles long? Anyway, there are PLENTY of things for adults too.. I just seem to always look for the little girl things.

So come to Oh Sweet Sadie today! They have their homemade chicken noodle soup for sale, lots of treats, and some more of that delicious salsa from last time too! It is in a really big house in Suncrest that overlooks Utah County (so if you are coming from SL county, just keep coming a little over the top!) It is really easy to find. Just go to Oh Sweet Sadie and download the map!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am SOOO annoyed!!!

I just came home to watch the Big Brother 10 season Finale which I have been following ALL SEASON only to find out that my stupid TiVO didn't record it. I want to scream!! So in the process of me searching for the episode through Brauns eyes (I gave him my computer so that I wouldn't see who won accidentally!) and him not being able to find it, I found out that Dan won. I am so stinkin' mad. I hate TiVO! AND I know it was not user error! I specifically went out of my way to come home and make sure that it was set to record!! However, I am happy that Dan won. I wanted him to win and not Memphis. Are any of you Big Brother followers? I love it.

On a lighter note, I am getting fat. There... I said it. Want proof? Here ya go. 25 weeks along baby!! 15 more weeks and I am done. Holy smokes.. 15 weeks? UGH!!! I also added a name poll to the side bar. I am not saying any of those will be her name, I just want some opinions on favorites!!

I think I need to go to bed. I am getting meaner by the second. Braun just said he can see flames coming out of my nostril.

P.S. I keep getting a lot of Charlie Horses at night. I know that they are a lot more common during pregnancy, but do you know if they are caused by a lack of a certain vitamin? I tried searching and have found some sites say calcium and others say potassium. Just curious!!

Wowsa.. I need to stop complaining about everything. Let see, what are 10 positive things going on right now??

1. Emery is starting to talk a lot more. She is putting a lot more words together and is so proud of herself.
2. My house is somewhat picked up right now AND someone is coming to clean all the stuff I don't like to clean tomorrow! (Bathrooms, floors, walls, etc!) Yayy!!
3. I am not stressed out about anything right now. Not Oh Sweet Sadie, not about my house, not about anything! That is always nice :)
4. I think I am going to put some red in my hair tomorrow. Maybe even brown, wait.. no, I want red.. I am getting bored and red is always fun!!
5. My sister was getting rid of a brand new in the box photo printer tonight and she gave it to me! Yay! Now maybe I can get caught up on my journaling :)
6. I read on Design Mom that Stephenie Nielsen (NieNie) has gotten $117,000 so far from all of the blogging worlds generosity. Isn't that amazing? Most of the people have never even met her. People can be so wonderful, can't they??
7. Brauns year end party for work is this weekend! I will be able to see all of the people that I had to miss all summer long! It should be super fun.. and I can't wait to see everyone!
8. My little sister doesn't have seizures anymore since her brain surgery. Which is AMAZING considering she had over 1000 seizures in 5 months and was having them every couple minutes on most days.
9. I haven't gained double digits yet this pregnancy. Yay for me. I am pretty sure by this time last pregnancy, I had gained about 20 pounds. Dang Bedrest and gaining 9 pounds in 1 week!!
10. I "made" $200 dollars today by returning things that have been sitting around my house waiting to be taken back. Braun says I am not "MAKING" money when I do that because it is money that shouldn't of left our bank in the first place, but I feel otherwise 'cause if I forgot to take it back which I more than likely will, then we would be "out" the money. See, I am right. The best is when you go to the mall and return something for $300 and spend $100.. that is basically $100 worth of free stuff and you made $200!! I love my logic.

See.. I am happier already.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh Sweet Sadie is here again!!

Hey Everyone~~

Oh Sweet Sadie is here again! This weekend it is up in Draper.. next weekend it is in South Jordan! Fun Fun Fun... Here is an invite for you to see. It has directions and info on it. (Actually, no directions yet.. I have to download the invite...) but you can go to and download it by clicking on the side under the header where it says "Download Map" or something like that. I am breaking away from the hair accessory/baby biz slowly, but I will still have some there as well as a large stock of LitterBags!

So... how about another giveaway to get us all excited for the next 2 weekends?? So.. up for grabs is 3 CarLitterBags along with a set of refill baggies!! I will ship to all of the winners unless you are close enough or I will be seeing you and can drop it off. I get them out to you quicker that way! :) I have so many new designs waiting to be put on the internet. Saweeeeet! We will make it easy this time.. how about you just leave a comment!! And if you are feeling super nice, maybe leave me with some girls names too. It won't really help your chances of winning cause I am just doing it randomly out of a bowl, but still.. it would be super nice.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I LOVE this commercial!!

Isn't this just the cutest?? Maybe it is the cheerleader coming out in me, but seriously... I can just picture Braun doing this in 5 years with Em. Dang cute...

P.S. Don't forget to give me opinions on my vacation still! It is one post down!

I need vacation opinions...

Braun and I are wanting to take a trip with just the 2 of us the first week of October. We want to squeeze it in before we have 2 kids! Anyway, we need opinions. We don't know where to go. We want to stay in the U.S. and really are open to, cold, scenic, big cities, etc. We have been to a lot of places and also wouldn't mind going back anywhere. So my question is, have you taken a fun vacation without kids anywhere?? If you can't tell, neither of us are too picky about where we go!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Also, do any of you have any reviews on the FLIP camcorder? I am really bad at taking videos of Emery and our family and I think having a super mini portable (and cute!) one would be great to take around with me! I actually already got it but want to hear what other people have heard about them. I haven't used it yet...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some more Randomness...

Holy smokes.. last night was rough. I fell asleep on the couch. My couch must of looked very appealing because I woke up and Brauns head was right at my butt making me very uncomfortable and not able to stretch my legs. Next time I woke up, he was on the other couch. Sorry hunny.. did I kick you in the head too many times? Finally, we went and got into bed. I had nightmares all night. Since when does a grown woman (haha.. seriously, I am not that old--but it makes the sentence sound better..) anyway, grown woman have nightmares????? I had a dream I was stuck in my parents house and there was a killer that was watching us. He had us on house arrest. I tossed and turned all night, woke up sweating horribly and got on the computer. I needed to find something uplifting to read to get this insane killer out of my head! Weird. Oh and not to mention about a gazillion charlie horses in my calves. Ashley and Alli... the charlie horses have started. I think you both JINXED me. I don't remember getting these last time. So a special "thanks" goes out to both of you!! :)

So here is another post filled with randomness today! Yesterday I took Emery to Pets Mart in hope of buying her a "ishie" or a "hoppa!" (fish or frog!) No such luck though.. since when do you have to feed an indoor frog crickets? Can't you just feed them frog food? There is no way I am going to feed hoppers to hoppers.. nope, not going to happen. So then we started looking at fish and I got the childhood memories back of buying all sorts of fish, only let them die in their dirty little bowls. Sheesh, what was I thinking.. I don't want another pet in my house!! Sorry Em, I know the dogs don't want anything to do with you. But maybe you could stop trying to grab Diesel's "you know what" and he might like you. If you don't understand.. read HERE.

Next we came to the mice, rats and hamsters. Eeew... Emery wanted a mouse SOOOO BAD. She kept saying "Hold you!!" or "I LOVE YOU!!" to them with her arms open wide. Then the kissing of the cages started...

and it stopped there. Mice and I don't have a good relationship.. read HERE.

Anyway, we couldn't leave the store empty handed.. so we grabbed Diesel and Ellie some of their favorite chickeny chewy (smell absolutely disgusting) favorite treats in the world. Emery always wants to give them their treats when they come in from going potty and so I handed them to her to give them and she starts gnawing on it like jerky!! What is wrong with this girl?? :) Spoiled dogs.. speaking of spoiled.. this is what I am staring at right now. They got baths yesterday and Braun apparently was feeling nice last night.
Yep, maybe that added to my krappy nights sleep. 2 dogs walking all over me all night? No way.. couldn't of.

Oooh! I got all caught up on my website orders yesterday! That felt nice :) I made sure to add freebies into all of them for the delay in shipping--so if you placed an order.. it should be there soon! Okay, I have been blog surfing a lot of crafty blogs lately and have came upon a few cute things that you can make (or buy)! Here they all are, sorry.. there might be a few!

I have never attempted sewing a doll, so you might just wanna buy this one.. but look how dang cute these are. I love them! :) They can be found HERE at The Silly Wagon. (and they make them for boys too!)

OR... buy this ladies pattern and make your own!

Remember the Scrabble Letter Tutorial I posted a few weeks back? Well.. here is another cute idea, and if you aren't feeling crafty?? You can buy them HERE!
And wouldn't they make such cute party favors?? Oh adorable... Buy them ALL here!
Or use those same steps and turn them into magnets like SHE DID.

Ever want to make a notepad but didn't know what that sticky glue was at the top?? Well, here is a tutorial that goes through everything! Find it HERE.

Want to make some button brooches/hairclips?? Use THIS TUTORIAL to make these beauties! :) You could even make them cuter by adding some green polkadot fabric leaves.. oh how cute!
I LOVE this necklace, not sure how you could make it though..

Picture found on another blog, so don't know where you could buy it.

Anyway, that was quite the post. I think I need to get out of bed now and do something...enjoy your day!!

Oh wait, a few questions.. do any of you have an AMAZING chocolate chip cookie recipe? I want to make a bunch to take camping tomorrow and I don't think I have a good one. Please share!!

Also, I get asked a lot about how the baby naming is coming along.. well, it is coming along. No other words to describe it. Braun and I can't agree on anything. He likes Harley (which is NOT my favorite) Thanks Sara for that one! :) :) :) I actually did meet a cute little girl named Harley and it opened my eyes (a little bit) to the cuteness of it. SShhh.. don't tell Braun. But so far my others are Paisley, (I still can't get that out of my head from when I wanted to name Emery that..) Ivy, just cute... and the newest.. Indie. I have never met a little girl named Indie before and for some reason, I really like it. Braun even likes it too! Weird :) I saw a custom necklace for a little girl at the Expo last weekend and the name on it was "Indie" After I saw it, I went and wrote it on a sheet of paper about a gazillion times and I dunno.. I still don't feel like it is "THE ONE" so if any of you have heard any other cute ones, let me know!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


What is 252 you ask?? Well, this is my TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY SECOND POST!! Holy smokes.. I have become quite the blogger. You never would of guessed though after my week from Hell. I slacked MAJORLY on blogging last week. It was a "full blown, stress infested, I hate my life" kinda week. Sure am glad it is over though! The expo went great! It was a lot different than I expected and I think I am just going to stick to "Oh Sweet Sadie" from now on. I like craft shows a lot better and heck, I got so sick of hearing..."Is that a CAT litter bag??" Why in the h#$% would someone make a CAT litter bag? Okay, enough venting. But really, I am happy I did it and got it out of my system. Speaking of Oh Sweet Sadie, it is in 2 weekends! September 19-20.. I will post more info on it soon.

I think this post is going to be a "Brain Dump" I have a lot of randomness on my mind and I think I'm just going to spill it. My camera is in Em's room and she is sleeping, so no good pictures, but I am sure I have some iPhone ones that I can find.

First of all, to all of you blog stalkers that came out of hiding at the Expo.. you guys are awesome! I had about 15 random people come up and admit to being blog stalkers to my ridiculous posts. I want to read yours too, so leave me a comment.. you know who you are!

We are going camping this weekend with some friends and I am super excited. The other night after the Expo, Braun was putting our generators together and we decided that we were going to go spur of the moment camping that night. Well, it never happened because I went in to get ready and fell asleep on the couch. It is amazing how sitting on your butt for 18 hours in 2 days poops you out. Yeah, my tooshy hurts bad. real bad. Speaking of hurting, I am having this HORRIBLE, lays you flat on your back, sharp shooting pain in my upper butt/lower back area. Anyone know what it could be? I am sure it is pregnancy related, but it happened about 6 or 7 times yesterday and is still lingering today. I think I need a massage.. Kura Door, here I come!
(If you haven't been to the Kura Door, GO.. it is wonderful. And if you go with your hubs, be sure to get the Ofuro bath.. minty water, cucumber water, almonds, rose petals, hot and steamy.. doesn't get better than that!!)
Anyway, back to camping.. I am super excited to take out the trailor again. It is awesome.. I don't think I have posted any pictures of it yet (I haven't even posted about camping! woops!) So here it is.. all hooked up to my car and ready to go!
It is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to go this week..

Now to our doctors appointment last week.. It was a good one. It was my major ultrasound appt. I kept getting all nervous that it was going to be a boy, but nope.. still a girl! It was fun to see her wiggling around in there. She is starting to kick me all over the place, especially when I am trying to get comfy in bed. The doctors said she is super low and so I am guessing that is why I am getting those annoying pains down my back. They also moved my date up a few days which was great to hear! Now she will for sure be here before the New Years! I hated going late with Emery and they won't let that happen this time they said. Thank you new Doctors!!!! Pregnancy is so much better when you actually like your doctors, I hated mine last time.. so going to appointments this time around is fun :) While I was laid up on the doctors table, Emery got up on there with me and found the "Probe Covers" That is just a fancy way of saying a Bulk Box of Condoms I think...Em thought it was just the coolest ''BALLOON" and of course, Braun and I are just laughing at her. The doctors came in and probably thought we were super immature, but whatever. We got a good laugh out of her trying to blow it up.

I will spare you the pictures of me with my belly all lubed up on the table... The angle they were taken at makes me look enormous. Maybe I AM enormous?? Nah, its the angle :)

Here was my best Swiss Days purchase... It is huge and I love it :) We need some churchy decor in our house!

Now onto yesterday, we went to my parents house for dinner and the weather couldn't of been more perfect.

Check out these girls' hair.. Wow, its so dang curly.. I hope our next little girls hair is curly too. I don't know what to do with straight hair on kids!!
My hot hubs.. Oh it is so nice having him around again!!
And the two cutest girls ever.. they are so fun!

I am sure I will post again soon.. I still have so much to blog about. Oh and no, I haven't found a name yet.. Although, I have thought of a few more that I love. Dang, baby naming is hard. Oh one more thing, any of you have any reviews on this double stroller? It is the Phil and Teds brand. That is really my only real purchase I have to make, and I hate how long normal double strollers are. Let me know!

P.S. Sorry, I have been so bad at calling people back lately. I am working on it, I promise. I will call you all back soon! I just have to get caught up on my website orders and I will be good to go! I hate being behind on things!
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