Friday, August 1, 2008

NC so far!

Well, I decided to make a last minute trip to North Carolina this past week. Come on, I couldn't leave Braun alone on his birthday! :) We have had a lot of fun. It is so stinkin' HOT here though. Holy Smokes. It reminds me of Atlanta. No breeze whatsoever. You just walk out into this thick blanket of sweat. SO.... we have been inside a lot! And... here is our trip!
The first night we got here, one of the reps started a grease fire in their apartment on fire while cooking their french fries. Good one eh??
Day 2- We went to a "Butterfly House" It was really fun. Emery sure loved seeing all the animals. It was kind of like an indoor small animal zoo! Here is Em about to get messy in the sand. (Yeah right--this girl get messy?? She is just like her dad. Gets a speck of dirt on her and flips) Oh and notice the frizz ball on her head. There is no hope in this humidity!
I even had a little fun too!

And Kara...

Em staring at the butterflies..

Kara, Jen and I at a Vietnam War Memorial Wall..

Last night, we got together for a "Couples Night" (and Emery) and I caught her attempting to steal some of Karas delicious rice krispy treats! :)

Emery has decided that she wants to sleep with us whenever possible. I sure hope she doesn't think its going to happen at home... Here we are when she was supposed to be taking her nap.

She looks tired huh??
Today, we are going swimming! When I was packing my bags, I put one top to one suit and one bottoms to the other suit expecting to remember to get the opposites eventually. Nope, I didn't remember to do that. So, I will be looking pretty good at the pool... Tonight, guess where I am going??

To the LAUNCH PARTY!!! Hello??? Is anyone super excited for midnight tonight? Oh I am sure most of Utah is going to be staying up all night to satisfy their Edward cravings. I know I will be. It has been too dang long... I am going to try to get the other girls to dress up in something. I don't have anything vampirish, but I will definately figure something out. Today is going to be a great day!! :)


Hayley Neil said...

Fun trip Tara! I am going to a Breaking Dawn Midnight party too! I am so stinkin' excited! I wish I was going with you and we could wear our wedding dresses or something! I heard that's what some people are doing! Hilarious!
Hey is the girl's dinner BBQ still next saturday at your house? What time? I am way anxious to see your cute belly in person!

Olivia Carter said...

You don't know me- I occationally visit your blog & love it.

I just wanted to share in your joy about the midnight release today. I am also SO excited for the Breaking Dawn book. My friends & I are doing some shirts. It's dressing up but not doing anything "too" crazy! Hope you have fun!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

WOO HOO--breaking dawn! I can't wait! Looks like I won't be leaving my bed for the next couple of days (until I finish the book...I hope it's before church on sunday or I'll probably be ditching. he he he

Mike and Felisha said...

YAY!! Mel and I are going to the launch party here too!! I am SO excited I definately agree it has been way too long!!

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