Sunday, August 24, 2008


Holy smokes... I am on an organizing kick right now! It's a good thing
because it is very much needed! My craft room looked disasterous after
cleaning my basement out. I really need to go through it and get rid
if so much stuff. It's jam packed. Maybe I'll do that next week.


The Miles Family said...

Nice work Tara! You gotta love the feeling after you've organized something. Yeah, we are related to Scott Murphy. He married Josh's sister, Becky. Scott is the one who convinced Josh to sell security for Apex (when we were dating) and Braun came him for his first year. Yes and I have met Kimri before. What a small world huh?

Robin Bodell said...

Hi. I hear you do Glitter toes? My friend Trisha Jacobs thought I could contact you thru your blog. My email is
I am interested in doing a party!
Your blog is darling.

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