Thursday, August 21, 2008

{23} things I am thankful for at 23....

So... I never ended up posting all the fun details from my birthday, so here goes! We got to celebrate with my family on that Sunday. I absolutley LOVE getting together with both of our families. The weather was perfect and so we got together at the park behind my house..
The little girlies being not so little on the swings... :(

We made some delicious funfetti cupcakes! My favorite!

I didn't take pictures of everything that Braun got me... BUT.. I can tell ya about it. I have told him that I like this scrapbook store down in University Mall called Archivers. Well, he was down in Orem and stopped in. He said that he walked up and down aisles FOREVER. I can only imagine what he looked like. Haha! Poor guy.. he ended up getting me this big suitcase thing that holds supplies and another tackle box organizer thing. I should of taken pictures. Sorry! He got me a random present which I am sure is going to come in quite handy. So you know the magazines that are in your seat pocket on airplanes. The sky-mall ones that you think noone ever orders things from? Well, Braun got me some Bra Babies out of it!!! hahah:) I think its so funny.. I hate hand washing my bras and so they sit on the laundry room floor for ages. They are these silly egg things that you put your bras in and so they don't get all mis-shapen and ruined. Random, but useful!

And this picture for above our bed.. I have needed a good sized one to go above it and finally found one!

We celebrated on Monday and went to see MammaMia. I LOVED it! Anyone want to go on vacation there?? Oh.. it was such a cute show. I even secretly think Braun liked it. He swears that he is ruined from Peirce Brosnan forever, but whatever.. it is still a dang cute movie that makes you want to get up and bust a move! (or jump on your bed)

We went to Joes Crab Shack after and had some delicious crab and shrimp...

And then Braun was out of town on my ACTUAL birthday and so I got together with my family at Olive Garden.. (that is where I almost had a sit in look alike for my husband)

So, now for the 23 things that I am EXTREMELY thankful for at 23!!

1.Braun- he is the most amazing guy in the world. I love him more than anything. He puts up with my craziness, silliness and everything else weird that I do. He supports our family and never complains about anything. I love so much when I tell people who I am married to and they say, "Oh Braun, he is the nicest guy in the world. Is he ever NOT happy?" Oh I got lucky!! Love you babe!!

2-Emery- Oh Emery. She is such a fun little girl. I honestly don't remember my life without her and I love that. She has made my life so much more fun. Oh what a cutie.

Sorry, I am not going to write a novel about everything because this post is already huge. So now to a list.. (in no particular order!)

3-My family
4-My great in-laws!
5-My wonderful friends
6-I live in a great neighborhood.
7-My puppies, Ellie and Diesel.
8- My hairdresser Jenna Poo. (hairdresser-- how old am I??)
9- The church.
10-This baby growing in my belly.
11-Electronic things.
12-The internet.
13- Books. Mainly the Twilight series.
14- Brauns job
15- our house
16- girls nights out
17- my sister that comes to clean and organize my house
18- Sundays
19- airplanes so that I can travel
20- crafting
21- food
22- being an aunt
23- and last but not least blogging!!

Anyway, I know this post was late.. but I couldn't forget about it. My friend Kara always gives herself a motto for her "new age" I think I need one too.. how about "23 with LOTS of GLEE!!" Doesn't Glee mean happy? Heck yes it does. It means "Great Merriment or Happiness." Amen to that.


The Simmons! said...

Great moto!! I was expecting something dirty, but it will do! Happy Birthday again! Looks like you had a good one sizzle and you deserve it!

Vernos said...

I like your idea! Oh, and yes, I haven't seen mamamia, but i definitely would LOVE to go to greece, for reals!! Wouldn't that just be amazing???!!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

What a cute post! You and Braun are so cute together and perfect for each other. I liked mamma Mia too--so cheesy but definitely made you want to bust a move and jump on your bed. I think it ruined pierce brosnan for me too--I don't know if Austin would even go see it with me--way to go Braun! Oh and I absolutely love funfetti cake/cupcakes (have you ever had funfetti cookies? I will have to give you the recipe..yummy). =)

brittany said...

Where did you get the pic above you bed?! I LOVE IT!

Mike and Felisha said...

I will go to Greece with you Tara!! It has been my dream vacation for who knows how long!!! Haha you are lucky Braun went to see it with you Mike flat out refused!! Haha dumb boys!!! Also I don't remember if I have asked you yet but could you do my hair the 2nd? Mike is extending in SLC so I need him to babysit while I get my hair done. Plus it will be good for him to spend some one on one time with Brynlee before he starts selling again

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