Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy Busy!

I've been cutting fabric for the past 6 hours and still have about 4
more hous to go. Talk about procrastinating!! Anyway, anyone want a
pile of scraps? I don't know what u could do with them. I've actually
seen some cute bows made with some. People call em rag bows I think??
Anyway, if ya want it.. Leave a comment! Otherwise I'm probably
throwing it away!

P.S. I'm going to be in the "What A woman wants expo" at the David O
Mckay events center at UVU (UVSC) next Friday and Saturday from 11-8.
I have 22 free tickets. If you want one, post a comment below! (normal
admission is $5) Also, do any of you (that live close!) have any cute
baskets or serving dishes that I could borrow? I need some to put
things in for the show! I'll give you freebies!! :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Swiss Days!!

I have been stuck in my house all week forcing myself to get ready for
this Expo next week. I made myself get out today and go to Swiss Days
up in Midway! I have never gone and wanted to fly home from Florida
last year just so I could go. It never happened though. So my mom,
sisters and I are on our way. We passed a cute thrift store and I made
a great purchase!! Look at my new cute lamp. With a nice coat of white
spray paint, it is going to look great in Ems new room! This trip was
a success.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silly Girl...

Braun insisted that I buy a changing pad for our changing table this
time around. (I turned the last table into a dresser) So I went out
and made the purchase today. I put the pad on it and Emery thinks it's
her new bed. She even brought it into the living room and watched
Little Mermaid on it! Silly Girl!!!

Oh and that is her "pretending" to go na-night on it..and yes, she has
a chip in her hand!

{22 weeks!}

Here is the belly this morning!! (My shirt is a little baggy so that's
the reason for the hand placement!!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Camping pics coming soon!

Braun and I made a quick getaway to take our new trailor out!! We had
such a blast! It was so nice being able to hang out with him and Emery
with no interruptons!! I'll post pictures soon!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Draper mountain is on fire!!

Holy smokes... Literally! Okay, totally unplanned lame joke. I can't
believe how close this fire is to all the houses. I sure hope they get
it put out soon. It is so close to my sisters house. I sure hope it
doesn't start her house on fire. 2 houses burnt down in 2 years??
Definately not fair. Anyway, it's all over the news channels so check
it out!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Holy smokes... I am on an organizing kick right now! It's a good thing
because it is very much needed! My craft room looked disasterous after
cleaning my basement out. I really need to go through it and get rid
if so much stuff. It's jam packed. Maybe I'll do that next week.


And suprisingly it only took about an hour and a half!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lots of randomness today...

Okay... first things first. I have heard that Season 4 of LOST is out. I just tried looking online for it and it says it isn't available until December 9th. Is this true or is it out yet?? I finished up season 3 yesterday and I really want some more!!

Now onto the 2nd matter of business.. I need an organizing buddy. Is anyones house unorganized and you want to change that?? I know that a lot of people are moving back into their houses after 4 months and maybe you need a little boost too! I HATE organizing but I think if I have someone that is checking up on me, it might work. I was thinking, we could figure out what both of us need in our house organized and once a day or twice a week or something, we could send pictures to each other..Before and After!! We don't even have to know each other.. I think it would be great for me!! Maybe a Tidy-Tuesday or a Freakishly Organized Friday?? Yep-- sounds good to me. Leave me a comment if you would like to be my organizing buddy! I will take as many as I can get! If you don't want people to know you are unorganized, send me an email to tarathueson {at} gmail. (of course, turn that into a REAL email address)

NEXT... if you can't tell, I am trying to be more on top of things.. I bought a birthday book. It is going to remind me of everyones birthdays and so I can either send them a little somethin' somethin' or give them a call. Would you all leave a comment with your birthday on it?? No, I don't care to see the year, although.. I am dang good at guessing.

So please don't look at this post and say, I will comment later.. cause we all know you will forget. Just take a sec and post your birthday, if you want to be my organizing buddy (I am 100% serious about this!) and if you know any LOST details..

And what is a post without pictures?? Boring! This was my task yesterday.. tackling my mess of a basement. I set a goal to have my basement cleaned out by the end of the summer. I achieved it! Hallelujah!
Okay, I have to tell you how it got this way. We moved into our house 6 days after I had Emery. I was NOT in the mood to go through everything and so I just told everyone to put it in the basement. Well, it has sat there for almost 2 years now (how embarassing.. how did I just admit that??) Braun is going to be SOOOOOO happy when he gets home!!

Here is Em and Kendall during cleaning. They found some makeup and went to town!!
And after!!

Next matter of business.. my closet!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

{23} things I am thankful for at 23....

So... I never ended up posting all the fun details from my birthday, so here goes! We got to celebrate with my family on that Sunday. I absolutley LOVE getting together with both of our families. The weather was perfect and so we got together at the park behind my house..
The little girlies being not so little on the swings... :(

We made some delicious funfetti cupcakes! My favorite!

I didn't take pictures of everything that Braun got me... BUT.. I can tell ya about it. I have told him that I like this scrapbook store down in University Mall called Archivers. Well, he was down in Orem and stopped in. He said that he walked up and down aisles FOREVER. I can only imagine what he looked like. Haha! Poor guy.. he ended up getting me this big suitcase thing that holds supplies and another tackle box organizer thing. I should of taken pictures. Sorry! He got me a random present which I am sure is going to come in quite handy. So you know the magazines that are in your seat pocket on airplanes. The sky-mall ones that you think noone ever orders things from? Well, Braun got me some Bra Babies out of it!!! hahah:) I think its so funny.. I hate hand washing my bras and so they sit on the laundry room floor for ages. They are these silly egg things that you put your bras in and so they don't get all mis-shapen and ruined. Random, but useful!

And this picture for above our bed.. I have needed a good sized one to go above it and finally found one!

We celebrated on Monday and went to see MammaMia. I LOVED it! Anyone want to go on vacation there?? Oh.. it was such a cute show. I even secretly think Braun liked it. He swears that he is ruined from Peirce Brosnan forever, but whatever.. it is still a dang cute movie that makes you want to get up and bust a move! (or jump on your bed)

We went to Joes Crab Shack after and had some delicious crab and shrimp...

And then Braun was out of town on my ACTUAL birthday and so I got together with my family at Olive Garden.. (that is where I almost had a sit in look alike for my husband)

So, now for the 23 things that I am EXTREMELY thankful for at 23!!

1.Braun- he is the most amazing guy in the world. I love him more than anything. He puts up with my craziness, silliness and everything else weird that I do. He supports our family and never complains about anything. I love so much when I tell people who I am married to and they say, "Oh Braun, he is the nicest guy in the world. Is he ever NOT happy?" Oh I got lucky!! Love you babe!!

2-Emery- Oh Emery. She is such a fun little girl. I honestly don't remember my life without her and I love that. She has made my life so much more fun. Oh what a cutie.

Sorry, I am not going to write a novel about everything because this post is already huge. So now to a list.. (in no particular order!)

3-My family
4-My great in-laws!
5-My wonderful friends
6-I live in a great neighborhood.
7-My puppies, Ellie and Diesel.
8- My hairdresser Jenna Poo. (hairdresser-- how old am I??)
9- The church.
10-This baby growing in my belly.
11-Electronic things.
12-The internet.
13- Books. Mainly the Twilight series.
14- Brauns job
15- our house
16- girls nights out
17- my sister that comes to clean and organize my house
18- Sundays
19- airplanes so that I can travel
20- crafting
21- food
22- being an aunt
23- and last but not least blogging!!

Anyway, I know this post was late.. but I couldn't forget about it. My friend Kara always gives herself a motto for her "new age" I think I need one too.. how about "23 with LOTS of GLEE!!" Doesn't Glee mean happy? Heck yes it does. It means "Great Merriment or Happiness." Amen to that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pray for NieNie...

I am not sure if any of you read the blog Nienie Dialogues. I discovered it one night and have since been hooked. I think she is the cutest girl and a great mom..she is LDS and lives in Arizona. Me and her have emailed back and forth a few times about random things and she is super nice. Anyway, I hadn't checked her blog for a few weeks and just found out that she was in a plane crash. She is burned over 80% of her body and her husband has burns over 1/3rd of his. They have 4 little kids. Isn't that sad? Anyway, just passing the word along.. they are expecting their hospital bill to be in the millions and if you would like to donate, you can go HERE. and to read updates on their conditions, go HERE!

Don't forget to check out her blog as well.. you will feel like you are her best friend in no time! :)

The past 3 weeks...

(Be sure to check one post down for a fun and cute craft to make!!)

have been super fun! I have traveled with Braun to Charlotte NC, Los Angeles CA, and St Louis!! It has made the last 3 weeks go by really quick. If I wouldn't of traveled with Braun the past few weeks.. I would have seen my husband a total of 25 days since the end of April. So, with traveling, I have seen him maybe 50 days. That is depressing. It is his first year just traveling without me. Honestly, some days I wonder if it is worth it. I loved moving around to a random state for the summer. It was so much fun. So girls with husbands that do the security sales thing.. be grateful and live it up. One day you will really miss it!! I sure as heck do! Em has loved going with him. She whines and cries everytime he leaves us. Only 12 days left until he is home for good!! (Well until next summer anyway!!) Yay! I want to plan a big trip somewhere. I was thinking to go all around Europe for a few weeks. One last big trip before the next baby comes along... we will see how that works out though. We have 4 free flights (that only people other than Braun can use!) that we have to use before the end of 2008 so we gotta go somewhere right?? Anyway, I guess this job has its perks though. We have about a million sky miles that we can use... great people he works with and and great people he works for, he has his own schedule the rest of the year, great vacations, I could go on and on.. so I really should stop whining about missing him.

Oh but I will complain about THIS!! So Braun comes home one day and says, I think I am going to go on the year end cruise. I was talking with a few people and they think it would be a good idea if I went for just a few days of it just to show my face and stuff. WELL, you can't go on a cruise past 24 weeks along and so big ole' Tara will just be sitting on her butt while Braun goes on a week long cruise to Mexico the day after Thanksgiving. I will literally be 9 months pregnant. I hope they tell me I might go early or something just so he can't go without me. Doesn't that suck?? Yep-- it sure does AND my ticket just has to go to waste. UGH!!! I sure timed this pregnancy just right didn't I? I hate missing out on fun things! Anyway, enough complaining from me! I haven't uploaded any pictures to my computer yet from the past few weeks.. but I will post a few random ones...

I got Em's Halloween a few months early while I was in St. Louis! I just thought it was so cute :)

and she LOVES it!

Em has a new friend... they play so dang cute together. They copy EVERYTHING each other does. His name is Gage! They live down the street from us. Poor kid was playing at our house last night and tripped over a basketball and skinned up his whole face. It was so sad!

Braun and I are looking into buying a camping trailor. We want one so bad! We went looking at 4 different places yesterday and Emery had a major accident in her pants. Luckily I had a change of shorts for her. No shirt though. So for about 2 hours she had to walk around like this. We were in Harmons doing some much needed grocery shopping and Braun found her some nice "Pasties." She liked them until she tried ripping them off. Ouchy!
Well, I am tending Kendall today and her and Em have now dumped 2 bottles of lotion all over the place... I think I should get off the computer!

Have an awesome day!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Feeling Crafty??

Ever wanted to make a cute little pendant out of a scrabble tile but didn't know how?? I found a cute and super easy tutorial on how to make them. I think these would make such cute gifts for nieces, cousins and friends!! The tutorial is found HERE!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

{20 weeks}

Here I am!! Half way done!! Suprisingly enough, it's gone by quick...
Let's just hope this last half is the same way! (don't mind the hotels

Oh and keep the craft ideas, comments and texts coming my way!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Okay, so I am planning on doing the "What a Woman Wants" show on September 5-6th at the David O McKay Events Center. It is a HUGE show. They plan on 12,000-15,000 people to attend. I was planning on just taking my Car Litter Bags to it and thats it. I had my booth decorations semi figured out and was right on track to be finished and ready for the show in 3 weeks. Well, I just got a phone call from the head of the show and she asked what I was planning on bringing to it. I told her all I thought I COULD bring were the litter bags. She told me that she has told a bunch of childrens boutiques they couldn't come to the show because they already had me bringing childrens accessories, clothing, etc. So that gives me about 3 weeks to find things to fill up a 10 foot booth. Anyone have ideas? I already have tons of headbands, flowers, bows, and clips to use but I need more funky stuff. Have any of you seen any cute unique things that I could sell at it? I know I have a bunch of crafty friends... anyone have anything I could buy wholesale or we could do "consignment" for? (It is a REALLY expensive show to get into so I would need to take a portion of the sales to cover that.)

I am always searching the internet for fun new ideas and of course at the time I need them, I don't know where they are... has anyone seen any cute childrens accessory websites lately that have fun kids items (that I could either buy or make!) Let me know!! Thanks a bunch :)

P.S. I {LOVE} things with funky fabrics and lots of colors!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Want to see something WEIRD???

Braun has a twin. Last night at Olive Garden with my family, I dared to ask the Mexican/Italian version of my husband if I could get a picture with him. I should of had him hold Emery and we could of had a nice "Family Picture" on my birthday. He could of stood in for him since he was out of town... Anyway, check this out:

(Sorry Braun, that is not the greatest picture... its all that I had though!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I got jipped... I just had to drop Braun off at the airport at 9am on
MY BIRTHDAY!!! What a crock of crap! Haha.. Isn't that an old person
saying? Anyway, that's really okay. I conned him into seeing Mamma Mia
last night and taking me to my one of my favorite restaurants. We had
a wonderful weekend hanging out with family and celebrating none other
than... ME!! Thanks honey!! See you in St Louis tomorrow! Anyway,
today is going to be wonderful. I can feel it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I {LoVE} him...


> Nothing much to say today... But I have had a wonderful pre-birthday
> weekend!!! (I like to celebrate for about 5 days prior to the actual
> day..makes it
> WAY more fun!) P.S. Guess how old I turn tomorrow? I'm getting up
> there! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's over....

So I just finished Breaking Dawn. (Don't worry, no spoilers here.) I'm
so irritated. I wish it wasn't over. I loved it!!! I loved Edward, I
loved Jacob, Alice, everyone!!...I loved it all. I cried for the last
50 pages of it. Don't ask me why, hormones apparently. I'm super sad
it's over. Anyone know of any other good sappy books??

Friday, August 8, 2008

My SWEET find at Nordstroms...

First of all let me say, I HATE buying Maternity Clothes. The shirts are usually tents and the pants usually aren't cute. With Emery, I always bought pants a few sizes bigger and just wore skirts. Looking back, I look like a fattie in all of my pictures because my pants were about 3 sizes too big in my legs. So I decided this time around I was going to get some maternity pants. There is a cute boutique up in Sandy called Expected that I bought some jeans from. They were way overpriced, but I thought I loved them so I bought them. Well now onto my great find---I went shopping last night at Nordstroms and discovered something amazing for all of you pregnant women out there. There is a brand of pants/capris/shorts called Jolt. They are sold at Nordstroms, Macy's and Dillards. They have a fold-over waist that is stretchy (made from the ribbed material on the wrists of sweatshirts) and the style of the jeans is dang cute. You can dress them up or down so I will totally still wear these when I am not pregnant. They come in Black, Brown, Jean, and White. The most expensive pair I bought was only $44!!! Which is awesome considering the ones from Expected were 5 times that. Anyway, here are some pictures!! I got Black, Denim, and Brown. White was super cute on (not see-through either!) But with a 2 year old that likes to wipe everything possible onto me, I just didn't think those would work...

and to see the pants... click HERE!!!!
Even if you are not pregnant, super comfy cute fitting pants at a FABULOUS price!! When you are pregnant and its impossible to find cute pants, you will totally be thanking me! :)
(I should probably say... they said they ran out of the capris the day they got them in and so I have never tried those ones on. I just ordered them there... hopefully they fit as cute as the pants do!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My water baby!

We have spent the afternoon swimming in this perfect California
weather!! Em is in heaven! I busted out the 2 piece today. I must of
been feeling brave when I packed. When I put it on, I definately
regretted my decision. Eh, the girls in LA are nice and hopefully will
remember my dazzling personality instead of my big buddha belly.
Haha!! ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Since I have nothing to blog about...

I am going to post some crazy pictures from the other night. It was our last night in Charlotte. We were saying goodbye to the Simmons and Greg thought it would be funny to jump over Emery... She looks a little uneasy in this one...

Being pregnant, this isn't something I should be doing. I'm sure I peed my pants doing it.

And Kara just couldn't miss out on the fun...

Greg said "Strike a Pose" and this is the best we could do...

Also, anyone know of a cute place to get headbands like these.. besides Nordstroms???

I sure LOVE them.. but I don't think I "$78 a piece" (yes you read that right!) love them. Especially because I want one in every color. That could get expensive and my husband would kill me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here I am!

I've had a few people text me saying they want to see the belly. Well,
here it
Is. I've really popped out this past week. Maybe it's the heat here in
Charlotte...I'm sure once in Utah, It'll go right back to pudge.
Haha... In my dreams right??
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