Friday, July 25, 2008

Today.. I am bored.

I am not sure why I feel so bored today. I definately have PLENTY to do.. maybe I am just in a BORING mood. Yep, that could be it. Well, I have so many crafts that I have been wanting to do lately. I can't wait for Emery to take her nap for the day. Lets hope its 6 hours today instead of 3. Wanna see what is on my agenda??

I've been wanting to make Emery a new travel blanket. Small enough to lug around airports, but still soft and cuddly so she will love it. If you don't know how, I found this tutorial that can help you!
Inside Out Cuddly Blanket.
THEN, I want to use that same idea and make myself a new changing pad. My last one is falling apart and with all of the new cute fabric I have purchased this past week.. why not??

THEN... I think I will make some flowers and a headband that Rachel posted on her blog. They are dang cute... I want some for every outfit. (Do any of you watch Gossip Girl?? I totally want to be one of them. I am not kidding in the LEAST bit. Serena is beautiful...)

And Melanie, remember what you used to say about Jennifer Aniston?? Yep, I feel the same about her. haha! :)

Okay.. back to crafts. Here are the cute flowers that Rachel made :)

Yep, as soon as Emery takes her nap.. I am gonna be busy busy! Yay.. super exciting. I love crafting!! :)


Jed and Sabrina said...

thats so funny, cause the dang cute cufflets you posted about I'm making them as headbands, and hairclips!!! Her's are darling, I'm gonna try that too! Crafty minds think alike! We really should get together and do these crafts, its funner to do it with someone anyway!
So lets just plan on next week to do our toes, are you ok with coming to my house?? Let me know!

Melanie S. Tripp said...

Hmmm... Tara... She is rather "HOTT" but J Aniston is hotter! Sorry!! HaHa! I LOVE that you wrote that!! It was AWESOME!! Love ya!

Jason, Mindi, Porter, and Ellery said...

Wow, I am in LOVE with the flower headbands!

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