Thursday, July 17, 2008

The things that I LOVE lately...

I have become a bit blog obsessed this past week. Maybe it was my lack of posts the weeks before, I don't know... but I love it. I decided to do a post about the things that I LOVE lately. Not people, but purchases...
Okay, the first is not a purchase yet *** only because I want to make it instead. It is this adorable little bracelet... Anyone want to come over and make one with me?? I have all the supplies!

Anyone that knows me really well knows that I am OBSESSED with a good pen. I have found the best pens ever. You get about 2 for $7.50, so they are not the cheapest..but they work great and they help me to write in my journal better! When I was in High School and Middle School, I would spend at least an hour every night trying out which pen I was going to write with the next day. Lame huh? I was just baffled by people that could just borrow pens from other people. Mine had to be just perfect. Anyway, here is the perfect pen. It is the Uniball JETSTREAM in BOLD. They are not a gel ink, just a regular rollerball. Top notch though.. I just love them.

The APPLE TV. Actually just anything that Apple makes, but Apple TV has to be one of my favorite inventions ever.
Seriously, this thing is unreal. What you do is load all of your movies onto an external hard drive (or drives) on your computer. You use your Apple TV just like you would a DVD player. Since all of your movies are loaded onto your computer, you just scroll through them all. We now (thanks to you know who!!--can't share for legal purposes--haha!) have about 950 movies that I get to scroll through and watch. Its amazing! Not to mention, you can browse Flickr and YouTube, as well as rent and buy movies on your TV too!
Apple employees told me that it is one of their best inventions yet, but their least selling product. If more people knew what it did, they would love it.
Since we are on the topic of Apple.. gotta say my new white iPhone.

There aren't many changes between the old ones and the new but it is a lot quicker, you can now get games and things LEGALLY! and the GPS. Oh and the camera is 20 times better. All really cool things! If you don't have an iPhone, get one. You will LOVE it. Well, you will hate it at first... the texting is a pain in the you know what, but eventually.. you get the hang of it.
The next is GLITTER TOES!!! I have blogged about them before, but it is one thing that is a must lately for everyone..

I love that I know how to do them so I can always change it up.. I love the colors, how long it lasts (6 weeks!), how people stop me all the time to ask how I painted my toes like that, and just how amazingly cute they are! Want some?? Call me or send a comment my way!

Next thing is Alfaparf's Semi Di Linio Serum for your hair. Anyone need a good shine serum?? This stuff makes your hair insanely soft and silky. I love it. Thanks Jenna for introducing me to it! It isn't the cheapest(if you aren't licensed), but a little goes a long way. For all you Cosmetologists out there, you buy it at Peerless. Regular customers can go in there and purchase things too, it is just double the price. Definately worth the price though. I know a lot of people use BioSilk and this definately has it beat. By FAR!

This is a little "grammaish".. but I love my new knee pillow. Even when I am not pregnant, I like to sleep with a pillow in between my knees. This solves that problem and you wake up feeling fabulous. No more painful privates (pregnant women know what I am talking about) and your back even feels better.

I love that I planted a garden this year and my tomatoes are growing great.. that isn't a purchase, but I sure am proud!

I LOVE these hooded baby towels by Dwell. I love that the one in the bottom left is the same fabric as her bedding. That just made me need it more!

I love Heather Baileys new fabric line. It isn't out yet, but I love just looking at her blog and seeing all the pretty colors..

Wow! This was fun to go through all of my favorite things right now.. move over Oprah!! Too bad I can't buy you all one of them though huh?? I recommend you all to try and do this. You will be suprised at how easy and quick you can start thinking of things you love! Great way to start off a day!


Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

So hopefully you don't think I am a stalker. I haven't had a chance to get to know you very well, but I have to tell you that I LOVE your blog. I think you are HILARIOUS! Hope you are having a good summer...your days without Braun are almost over!
Katie Hillstead

Greg and Kara said...

You do blog a lot weirdo. But i am sure enjoying it!!! Keep it up!

Lindsey said...

Ok, I love love to have my toes done, and your glitter toes are so enticing! 6 weeks is also FABULOUS! I am totally interested in getting mine done. How much does it cost? Can I set up an appointment with you? How many girls can you do at once? Email me if you want. lindseyforrest{at}hotmail{dot}com. By the way, I am friends with Angi Haaga and Mindi, that way you don't think I am a complete freak!

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

Tara you are so adorable! I love your posts--they make me happy! =) Anyway, so I love Apple TV too! Also, Austin found some really cool applications to download to the iphone. You probably already know them but my favorites are: the remote one (where you can use your iphone as a remote for your imac) and the one where you can be listening to a song on the radio or whatever and your iphone can recognize it and tell you what song it is and who sings it! Anyway, if you don't have those 2 you should get them! Ok so I know you have done a million glitter toes but I really want you to do some for me when I get back!!! And I need to check out some of your favorites from your list because they are so cute!

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

tara i would love to make those button bracelets with you especially since the magnets WON'T stick to my fridge!! I was seriousle thinking of making a post about the things I love. I think about it everyday when I use my clorox wipes!! ha ha

braun said...

wow babe! That's an awesome way to start off the day! I think I will have to start working twice as hard if you keep that up! JK! Have am awesome day! I miss you!

Rommel & Christy said...

Tara- When can you do my toes? I am free Tues, Thurs after 3, Fri and Sat. Or any evening...whenever! Thanks!

The Clarks said...


I have been wondering what that apple tv does! I saw when I was over at your house that you just plugged something in for emmery to watch cinderella. So If I have actual dvd's that Ivy watches, is there a way to get those onto apple tv, or do I have to buy them from itunes???

gayhearts* said...

so you don't remember me i'm pretty sure... we go way back! hahaha. i'll have to tell you the story... anyways... i HAVE to have glitter toes! i saw your blog on jennies... i'm not a stalker i promise! haha. but i saw you know who or how or where to do them! i'm dying to have them done because they are soooo cute!!!

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