Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So here are Brauns WINNERS!!!!

Braun says:

"Tara said that I was in charge of picking three winners for this awesome Glitter Toe competition! I liked a lot of the names but narrowed it down to the top three. So 3rd place goes to the Gleaves with "Harley", 2nd Place goes to Danica with "Adia", and 1st place goes to The Clarks with "Ivy". Thanks a ton to all of you for giving is some great ideas for girl names. If you know me I am kinda not the most creative thinker when it comes to names. I think it drives Tara crazy! So thanks again. Have an awesome day!!!"

Anyway, call me and we can set up a time to get your toes bling blingin!!!


The Clarks said...

YES!!! I CANNOT WAIT! Too bad Johnny just decided to manage an extended office! Now I have to wait until October! Ugg!

Ashley said...

I absolutely love the name Harley! I thought I was the only one. If I had a girl that would be my pick. I want glitter toes by the way. . . Can I schedule a date?

The Gleave's said...

WOO HOO!! Thanks Braun for picking us! I can't wait to get them done! As soon as we get back to Utah I will let you know! Love ya!

Jed and Sabrina said...

well geeze, their out of state, how is that supposed to work?!!!
My names were stinkin' close, Aria (Adia) and Marley (Harley)
Shouldn't that be close enough??!
I want them done though, how much do u charge, and when could u do them?

Todd.Morgan.Hadley said...

Tara, Thank you so much for coming and doing Glitter toes for me and Ashley! You're the BEST. And, please tell Emery thank you for playing with Hadley today :) Hahaha.

Thanks again!

Jed and Sabrina said...

I hope they do sell, if you know anyone looking, let them know! The swing is the new Graco Sweet Peace swing and its amazing. crazy that only 1 year later, they get better.
what about tomorrow?? Anytime works for me. Pref the morning. Do I come to your house or do you come to mine? I have acrylic on my toes right now, should I take them off tonight?

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