Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh the joys of being a parent...

Let me tell you about what just went on in my bathroom 5 minutes ago.

Braun and I are laying in bed playing with our new phones.. yes, it is 11:34. We are being extremely lazy. I put Em in the tub about 3 minutes before that. She is now wanting out and trying her hardest to climb out of our high tub. Braun decides to get up and see what is going on over there. He starts asking Emery if he wants him to get in with her (we have a seat that we sit on while she plays) She starts whining even more. Braun starts busting up laughing. Em has pooped in the tub and it is everywhere. No wonder she wanted out!! Eeew... I start laughing so hard because for once, a disaster happens while Braun IS home. Yay! I didn't have to clean it up. I just got to sit there and laugh at him. Here were some of his funny comments:

Braun: (With a huge wad of TP in hand) If this were my grandma, she would just pick it up with her hands.

It then brought back a funny story of when B and I lived in Las Vegas and my family stopped and slept over on their way to Disneyland. My sister clogged the toilet and my dad had to unclog it with his hand because we had no plunger! Eeew... the things parents do!

Braun: This stuff sure holds it heat well.. at least I know if I am stranded and freezing, all I gotta do is poop.

This is a disgusting post, I know. Luckily this is only the 2nd time this has happened . The first time she did it, seconds after it happened the tub man came to buff out the scratches. It only took him a good 10 months to get here and I had to tell him to come back because my daughter had just took a poop in it. Timing couldn't of been better! Speaking of poop.. have any of you read this book? It is hilarious.

and an excerpt: (Click to enlarge!)

Great gag gift.. or just a nice bathroom read. It is in my guest bathroom and people love it.
(normally, I don't blog about such gross things, but today.. I am just in the mood apparently. If you grew up with gross brothers, I am sure you all understand.)


Aubrie said...

This is the funniest thing..I can just picture the whole scene:) you guys are such a riot..we miss hanging out with you guys!!

Greg and Kara said...

I can picture Braun talking about poop perfectly.

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