Monday, July 7, 2008

My trip to Charlotte!

Finally...the pictures have been uploaded! All day long I have been thinking about blogging. I have been away from the internet for so long it has driven me nuts! Expect a lot of blogging from me this week. There is a lot to talk about :)
This is the first day we got to Charlotte! Suprisingly, this is the only time we went swimming. I got 11 bug bites that night. I was probably only out by the pool for an hour and a half. Dang mosquitos. They sure like me!
Kara, Emery and Jen!

Went and did a little shopping! Okay.. a lot of shopping. I was proud of myself. Lately, I haven't bought much of anything because nothing fits right but I went crazy in Charlotte! Braun probably wouldn't be proud of me, but I was!
This is Emery in front of the Disney store. She was obsessed with whatever was in that window. It was cute!

We went to the Botanical Gardens in South Carolina. Wait, maybe it was North Carolina. I am not sure.. it was a HOT day though!!
Kara, Jacey and I.. (Thanks Kara for the pics!)

My little girl!

Of course, Kara and I couldn't have a trip out without pictures of us jumping! I love the tradition we have started! :)

Kara and Jen hanging out on some homemade wooden chairs at the farmers market!

We went to a yummy Azteca restaurant across from our hotel. The plates were ENORMOUS and amazingly delicious! I miss it already :( And yes... Kara ate that entire plate of food. That is why I love you Sizzles! haha!

All through lunch, Em wanted to go sit on this dang donkey. Finally after lunch, I agreed. I put my (actually Karas) 2 quarters in and she flipped out. She was terrified. So, being the good sport that I am.. I hopped on. Next thing I knew, the donkey was making crazy moans and groans and some mexican lady was calling me fat. Just kidding, she didn't come out and say I was too fat but almost! Kara and I were dying laughing. Poor donkey!

Here is crazy Landon on the donkey a few nights later! His face in this picture is hilarious!

We love our new shoes!! Too bad Ems give her the worst blisters ever. Poor girl!

Charlotte was a blast girls! I can't wait to come back hopefully! I miss all of you already.. even you Greg! Emery was so tired by the end of that trip.. here is a funny one of her at 2 AM waiting for Braun to bring the car around so we could catch our flight! She is pretty much asleep standing up :)


Greg and Kara said...

great blog T sizz and that's for shiz. We did have a lot of good times! I keep thinking I need to take a picture of that stain on my ceiling and blog about it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Greg and Kara said...

And I DID NOT eat that whole entire plate of food!!!! Only 3/4 of it!

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