Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lunch with Emery...

First of all, I had the WEIRDEST dreams all night long. They woke me up constantly. I hate that. I had a dream that I was in a gas station with my family and that I had left Emery in the car. There was a couple in there that I could of sworn were 2 "beefy" girls {in love}. Well, we got in a fight with them over who knows what and next thing I knew.. they had gotten all mad and left.Well, their car wouldn't start and so they stole ours WITH Em inside of it. Then somehow, I actually had triplets and they had really stolen all 3 of them. I was a mess. I totally woke up crying my eyes out and in a panic. They also found out where my house was and went in there and stole all of my movies, my wireless airport express, and a few other electronics. (Does that mean I really think that my electronics are as important as my kids???) I somehow found their number and would call them and just try to listen for my kids. I was at a neighborhood party with Brauns family when I thought that I saw one of the "beefy girls" there. She was a daughter to Brauns neighbor... I got my cell phone and called them. Sure enough, it was her and I went over and totally beat her up. Got my "triplets" back, and all of my things. Dang, I am tough!!! Oh they also wanted to meet somewhere in Nevada and we were going to trade them all of our money in our bank accounts for all of our stuff back. Anyway, How weird is that?? Does anyone know how to interpret dreams?? What the heck would that mean? I think that is the strangest dream I have had in a LONG time.

Well how do I go from that freaky weird story to yesterday?? Just like that I guess. Yesterday, I had a million errands to run and Em was so good through all of them. On the way home, we stopped at Panda Express (Who knew they had a drive thru??) We went home and ate our yummy lunch. For some reason, I took a GAziLLioN pictures during lunch. Em was being really funny. Here are a million!

She is so silly and I just love every minute I get to spend with her. (Which is literally every minute of everyday!) Then, I got to Skype with someone I miss greatly!! Only 10 more weeks and you are home for good!! (Well for the next 7 months anyway!) Yeahoooo! Meet Rachel and Jaidyn... Jaidyn sure knows how to pull some funny faces! haha! :)

Last night, my mom got us tickets to go and see Jason Hewlitt. He is a comedian from Sandy, Utah. It was in the ampitheater. He was funny and did some amazing impersonations of people. I was able to run into some fun friends that I hadn't seen in a long time.. Emery danced on her chair almost the entire time. She was being so funny. A few times, she fell off and ran into the people in front of us. Luckily, they were really nice! :) Andy Jangard (for all of you HS friends) sat next to us. It was fun to see him too! Here are some pictures that explain Em for the night. 1)Spilling Chinese noodles all over her. 2)Em in mid dance move!!

3)Just us. 4) Running away from me the entire night.

Anyway, yesterday was a fun day! I also did 4 sets of glitter toes. My cute neighbor Heather called and asked if I would do her, her sisters and her mom. They are the cutest family. Her mom had QUADRUPLETS!! 2 boys and 2 girls.. that amazed me. That is probably why I had that triplet dream last night. Weird. Anyway, discovered the new cutest color of glitter that I have. It is bright orange and adorable!!

I hope today is just as fun.. it should be. Here is a hint of what I am doing today:

Can ya guess??? That 2nd picture might be kind of hard...(not only is it the WORST picture ever.. you might not get it.)


Melanie S. Tripp said...

You're going to a BBQ where you're going to stuff your face and then you'll have such bad heart burn it will feel like there are fireworks going off in your tummy... Did I win?? ;)

The Davis Family said...

it was so good running into you! Is your number still the same as it has always been?? I know at one point I had your number, I may still have it but im not for sure. But we should for sure go out to lunch sometime. We move up this week! You are honestly the cutest little pregnant person ever! Also--you guys make freakin cute babies! Honestly, she is the cutest little girl I think I have ever seen. So any names???

Amy Goffin said...

Oh Tara, Please, please, please let me join you in picture #2. Ü

Joslyn said...

Em looks like she's growing up so fast, and is her hair getting blonder? You guys are so stinkin' cute!

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