Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy 26th Braun!!

Yesterday was a BIG day for Braun!! Since we have moved all over the place during our summers, this was the first year that he was in town for his birthday in the past 6 years. Techincally, his birthday isn't until tomorrow, but we got to celebrate with everyone in both of our families yesterday. It was so fun. He had to leave Richmond, VA at 2 am to get home in time for church so by the time church had ended, he was exhausted. He was a good sport though!! Here are some fun pictures from yesterday.. I didn't take very many. I had a POUNDING headache the whole time that wouldn't go away.
What a AWESOME daddy.. he let Emery blow out all of his candles :)

My mom found Emery and Kendall these cute little shoes and purses at the Dollar Store last week. Emerys poor feet were a little fat for them, but she made them work. These girls play so cute together. Thanks mom for the cute shoes! Em loves them!!

If any of you have Brauns number, be sure to send him a text tomorrow!!


The Ison Family said...

That's right! Braun and I share a birthday. I totally forgot about that. Happy Birthday Braun!

Greg and Kara said...

I won't have to send him a text because you guys will be here tomorrow!!! Yay!!

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

I don't have his # so tell him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" from me!!! =)

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