Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emery's 21 month pictures!

So, I decided that I needed to get out and do Em's 18 month pictures. It was a little late, but that is okay! I felt great today too which was definately a plus! :) I haven't gotten my camera out in over 6 months. It felt good! I could take kids pictures all day... it was so much fun! Anyway... here are a few of Emery and her cousin. I am sure as the days go on you will see a few more too! ENJOY!!

My cute niece Kendall..

She was actually terrified in this picture, luckily you can't tell. If you look closely, the duck is actually ON her foot! I would of been scared too!

And of course.. they were the happiest when they found the plates of "pretties!"

P.S. Like I always say.. the colors are a little off again. Something goes funny when uploading my pictures that I have photoshopped onto the internet. I need to get my iMac calibrated I guess..

Have a fabulous night! I am debating whether or not to go camp out at the AT&T store for the new white iPhone... I called them today and they said they planned on a lot of people sleeping over... Wow... I am happy I'm not the only nerd in town!

P.S.S. Know anyone that wants some 8 month old, unlocked (meaning that you can use them with most carriers--not only AT&T) iPhones? Let me know!!!


The Murdocks said...

Great pics! I know how you feel with the sick thing...I didn't do ANYTHING while I was puking. No pics..nothin. Are you still taking medicine? I am 7 months and I still throw up if I don't take my pill!! Why does pregnancy have to suck for some of us?

Greg and Kara said...

Ha! I knew you would give in to the new iphone! You just couldn't resist! The pictures look awesome! What actions did ya use T sizz?! I love them!

Vernos said...

How cute! Your pics with em in that skirt are adorable! I am sooo lucky that you're letting me borrow it for the night - It's gonna make her dress! oh, and the bow and party hat of course! I owe you!

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