Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Past Few Days...

went by SUPER fast! I hate it when Braun is here and the day just flies by! Why aren't those days slower??

In my house right now, I have no doors on. It is really weird! My house feels so messy because you can see in ever closet, room and bathroom. Em is loving it because she has free reign everywhere! They started on Friday and my house stunk so bad I had to leave. My mom kept threatening me that if I didn't, my little baby inside would come out with only one arm or 8 toes or something! Luckily, Brauns mom had came and gotten Emery earlier that morning to play with her for the day. I packed up me and my dogs and went to my families house for a girls night out with my mom and sister. We went to Wingers which I usually hate when I am pregnant and I loved it! Then we went and saw

Which was DANG cute! I loved it :) After, I went and slept at Missy Streifs house... we stayed up late, ate some yummy Peach Pie ice cream and searched for her retainers:) HAHA! Poor Missy even had to go through the garbage looking for them! And NO, she has not found them yet.
Saturday, Ems boyfriend came over. Little Easton Johnson. Isn't he cute?

Jenna and I are arranging their marriage so that we get to stay friends forever. These 2 kids actually like playing with each other which is great. Em is becoming quite the bully with the younger kids. She will secretly step on their toes or pull ears, hair, or whatever she can. Rude!

Here is a cute pic of Em thinking that she can drive my car. Braun was pushing the seat forward and back and she was just loving it!

Yesterday at the airport, Em was being so cute with Braun. She never wants him to leave. I wish her cuteness would make him not want to leave either!

Well, I think I am going to go take some pictures of Em later today. Maybe redeem myself somewhat from all of my iPhone pictures of her all of the time. It is just so much easier to take all my pics with my phone. Too bad the quality is horrible though.

Oh, weirdest thing.. I had a dream that me and Kim Kardashian (the celebrity with the huge booty) were really good friends. We went to Lake Powell together.

Do any of you girls have the STRANGEST dreams when you are pregnant? Seriously.. I should start putting a book together of all of my weird dreams. This dream felt so real though. Why I would dream about Kim Kardashian... who knows????

Oh and one more thing!! I am going to start making myself have a weekly goal! I am going to tell it to Braun on Monday and finish it by Saturday so he can see my progress when he gets home! My goal this week is to clean out my basement. I am really scared to actually get down there and clean it out. I am sure there are bugs galore. I really hope not. We hired some pest control people to take care of them! Which P.S. Could you door to door people STOP coming to my house?? Yes, I know that is what my husband does for work but I feel so bad for all of you (including my husband) and so I buy everything. Pest Control, Food Storage, Magazines, Shammies (which are great!)Some Cleaner which one day you were selling it in yellow and the next time you came it was green and so I had to buy both..Living Scriptures, $700 in MEAT which was not that great!!! and a water softener. hmm... anyway, Braun thinks that it will jinx his good luck if I say no, but I think I might have to start. Everyone that comes to my door gets me all excited to shop and see the "Live Infomercial" but really... I don't need anything else! I will just hand you a water and you can be on your way!! :)

Funny story about water.. Braun has MULTIPLE people give him half drinken water bottles in the summer. Some even had little floaties in them or dirty water. People are really gross. Why would you do that??

Anyway, off to go get some hair color! Have a wonderful day!


Joslyn said...

So, did you end up buying the Living Scripture DVDs then? I really think I want to get them. How do you like them?

Ali said...

You are way to nice. I ALWAYS say no even before they give me their little pitch. I am too mean, or too cheap, that is probably it.

When I was pregnant with Taylor I would always have dreams that she would be an infant, but then have a full mouth of teeth. It was really weird. Or she would be little when I would drop her off at a babysitters, and then I would pick her up and she would be like 10 months old with a ton of teeth. Mayby it had meaning because she did get a lot of teeth really fast. Who knows. With Haley I didn't really have any weird dreams.

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