Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I think I want to throw up....

Okay, I found a really cool website that could keep you busy for hours.. I have already been looking at it for an hour and I just stumbled upon this! Eeew...

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Okay, Look Closely.. Yes, that is a giant enormous COMMUNAL SPIDER WEB!!!!! Ugh.. seriously, if I have dreams about this tonight... Heaven Help ME!! This is in TEXAS!!! Lisa Thatcher(or any of my other Texas Readers--there are a few!).. I hope this isn't anywhere NEAR you!!

Here is what the web has to say about it.

"Scientists report that the massive 200-yard spider web recently discovered in Texas's Lake Tawakoni State Park was woven by spiders from many different species working collaboratively. Thousands of spiders have rebuilt the web three times after it's been torn up by rain and wind. Texas A&M University entomologist Allen Dean has identified spiders from such families as funnel web weavers, sac spiders, orb weavers, mesh web weavers, wolf spiders, pirate spiders, and others working on the web.

"Spiders generally are cannibalistic and keep their webs distinct," Dean said. "We're not sure what started the initial webbing ... but there probably have been thousands of spiders working on the web. With the amount of rain that has occurred this year and the huge food supply available, it just created the right condition for all of this."

On a lighter note, I would like one of these please...

A tree house like this! (Which is only $7 million dollars!)
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Would LOVE to cuddle with this dog!!
Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
And take my dad to Chihuahua Mexico to see these bad boys!! (Although, it has to be 122 Degrees in there for them to grow.. Holy Smokes.. that is hot!)

Have boobs that are like 1/20000 of this size PLEASE!!

Win a shopping SPREE and have to fill this up with my winnings!

Wish that my friend Kara AKA K Sizzlies was really sitting on THESE!!

Instead of these!

And never in my life have to see this horrible thing...
Like this man did...

He wandered away from the work site in the Amazon jungles, got sleepy and took a nap. The nap turned out not to be a such good idea after all.

Okay, now it has been 2 hours... If you are bored.. Go to the site! It will certainly cheer you up! (I guess that last picture isn't very cheery though.. is it??)


Greg and Kara said...

I love it when I randomly appear in your blogs! You crazy for shizzle my nizzle T sizzle!!! Those spider webs give me the heebie geebies and chills everytime I look at that pic! Ugh...chillssssss... And I have seen that same picture of the ginormous bunny on some blog! I just can't remember where?!

Aubrie said...

I didn't know my boys were behind me looking at your blog and now trev is obsessed with the big dog and caleb wants to see the eatin man!! We had to have a long talk about how those snakes live in another country right before bedtime:)wish me luck tonight and a kid free sleep!

Chels and Zach said...

tara. did you REALLY have to post the one about the spiders in Texas? as if i don't already have the heebie jeebies knowing there's all sorts of creatures out here. GROSS! I loved the tree house though!

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