Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've always insisted that my children will never wear "Dora" "Disney
Princesses" etc. I've even blogged about that before I think! Well Em
thinks otherwise. We were in Wal Mart the other day and she had seen
us pushing around our luggage all day through the different airports
when she came upon this. A backpack/carry on princess bag just her
size. She pushed it around for about an hour while I shopped. When I
tried putting it back, she had already fell in love with it and I just
pictured her pulling it through the airport. So cute! Looks like I am
one of those moms that I swore I'd never be. Great!

Also, I added a little poll to the side. Guess what us Thuesons are
having! I'm going to find out the day the poll ends! 10 more days!
Yeahooo! Today I woke up and felt a big hard ball in my lower stomach.
I forgot that feeling. It went away after about 10 minutes but it
totally brings back flashbacks of last pregnancy. Its crazy how you
forget things so quickly!


Aubrie said...

I know exactly what you mean about the character clothing and accessories..I am the same makes me feel better about giving in to my boys and letting them be the cool kids in the neighborhood because they are the only ones with those ugly lightning macqueen crocks..the moms all roll their eyes as their boys lust after their "fast shoes!"

The Ison Family said...

Oh so cute!! You seriously have the cutest little girl. She seems to have the cutest personality. Also, I tried putting in my vote but it wouldn't let me. Just for the record, I'm guessing boy. =)

Cami Jo said...

I think God makes us forget things from our last pregnancy's/labors so we will have more kids!!! Just my theory!

Too cute with the little lugguge!

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