Saturday, June 21, 2008


So apparently some of you don't know what ChaCha is! I just learned about it the other night and have been obsessed ever since! Okay.. think of a question..ANY question. Get your phone and text 242242 (chacha) you will get a response back from a real live person. For example, last night.. I was really REALLY bored. I am going to Charlotte, NC next week and was wondering what to do there. So I asked..

Me: What should I do in Charlotte NC next week?
ChaCha:Next Friday in Charlotte is Gold Panning Day. You can also go on a Charlotte Wine Tour or see Dinosaurs Attack! at the IMAX.

Me: What is the highest paying profession in America?
ChaCha:Person responsible for sedating patients before surgery. Anestheseiologists $184,340 year average. Wow! ChaCha Soon :)

Me: What should I eat for dinner tonight?
ChaCha: I am enjoying a Big Mac right now. Just got off of work. You can do that too, or just throw together a sandwich from home. ChaCha!

and this list goes on and on and on! I asked them random questions for over an hour! It would of been longer but my phone died and I didn't want to get off the couch! :)I told you I was bored! So next time you are bored.. ChaCha away! You get a random person answering your questions everytime and they get paid $.20 for every question they answer! It is really fun!


*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

Cha Cha reminds me of texting google! I am sure you already know but you can text google questions, the weather, definitions, addresses, phone numbers, etc and google texts you right back with the answers in less than a minute usually. It is a life safer. I am going to text cha cha right now! Sounds like a blast! =)

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

why is it taking so long??? How long does it usually take for someone to respond? I've asked 2 questions now with no response. boo. Does it only work with certain carriers?

Cami Jo said...

How funny is that!

What's up Tara? This is Cami Jepson (AKA CROWTHER).

Long time no see! It's good to see what you've been up to! Cute family. How far along are you now? Sorry you are sick. Sucks huh? Yeah...the things we do for kids!!!

Danica said...

Seriously Tara! Where do you find out about this stuff?! That is so random and funny! I just love you! : )

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