Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, for about the past 6 days I have been stuck on the couch. I don't know why it took me so long to get sick, but it all caught up with me! My doctor got me on some good medicine which seems to help except at nights. I still throw up, but eh.. a little baby will be worth it right?? So basically what I am getting at is that not a lot has gone on this past week. I have still had time to take some pictures on my iPhone though! Which by the way.. have you all heard the news about the new iPhone?? It is only going to be $199!!! It is about half as thick and will come in black or white. Oh Braun wants a new one so bad.. I guess the internet is going to be super quick. For example, it takes 59 seconds to load a National Geographic page on the ones we have now and on the newer ones it will take 21 seconds. I sure wish they would of come out with one that has the capability to video chat with other iPhone users. How sweet would that be? Well.. I guess I will just have to dream a little longer. Anyone know anyone that wants the 1st Generation iPhones?? :)
Enough Techy talk.. I used to say that there was no way in heck that my little girl would wear anything with a "Character" on it. (Dora the Explorer, Cinderella, Etc.) Well, she was being a nightmare at the mall and so we decided to go in the Disney Store. She is OBSESSED with "Ella" and so she was in heaven. She wanted everything from there. I found a "Ella" and "Mermay" Barbie and knew she had to have them! She carries them everywhere and loves her new Ella Jammies. Here is a pic!

At one of my many naps this week, I let Diesel join me. My dogs have been absolutely driving me crazy and they know it. One day Diesel tried to kiss up and snuggle and here he is.. Not one of his greatest angles..

This picture is much better.. haha! This was taken during a bath!

Speaking of strange looking dogs.. have you guys ever seen this dog? He was crowned "The Worlds UGLIEST Dog" His name is Sam. Poor Guy!

Okay now onto something funny! Last week, Emery was bored and playing in her wipes container. She stands up and is trying to put them down her shirt. I didn't really understand what she was doing but it was keeping her entertained and so I figured she was fine. Well she stands up and looks at me with about 10 wipes down her shirt and goes "BOOB!" I was laughing so hard! She has some strange obsession with boobs. The first thing she does to my sister and mom when she sees them is pulls out their shirts and goes "BOOB."

I will leave you with one last picture of my growing belly! I got on the scales yesterday and am happy to report that I haven't even gained a pound! Yay.. I think by this time last pregnancy I had already gained about 6 or 7. Looks like the weight is just shifting places! Ooh and guess what else?? I am going to find out what this little baby in me is in about 2 weeks! Thanks to Jaceys Dad who is an ultrasound man :) Any guesses?? I think its a boy!

Have a fun Monday!! I will come back sometime and post about Fathers Day!


Jennie B. said...

Cute Tara! I hope it's another girl so our girls can play!

Anonymous said...

I was laughing when I saw that picture of the ugliest dog. I've seen that dog before and when my Dad and I saw it we couldn't stop laughing. That's a good picture of him! I think he died..poor guy..

thehaagas said...

That's so exciting you get to find out. So when are you due? I am going in to have an ultra sound in two weeks but I didn't think they could tell me what it is. My sister in law had an ultra sound done when she was sixteen weeks along and they said girl and then she went back at 20 weeks and it was a boy. What do you think your having? I have no clue what I am having.

Mike and Felisha said...

You are so random!! That picture of the ugly dog is so gross poor dog!! I am also SO SORRY you are sick!!! I have been there and it is not fun. Hopefully it will pass soon!! I am also excited to find out what you are having!! Also the pic of you and Braun combined is HILARIOUS!! It's a good thing Em didn't come out like that!! She is much cuter

Joslyn said...

ha ha! I totally felt the same way about "character clothes" as you did! But then I too gave into the p.j.s (well, actually they were all presents from grandparents...but they look cute in their Dora jammies)!

Greg and Kara said...

Shizzle T sizzle. Disel isn't the cutest dog either. Sorry to burst your bubble for rizzle. Did you cut his hair or something?!

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

Em is seriously so cute. I love her hair and her little bracelet she always wears. She is a doll. I've always said I wanted a boy first (so the rest of our kids would have an "older brother") but looking at how fun Em is I think maybe I have changed my mind. I love her obsession with boobs--What have you taught her Tara. Ha ha ha. just kidding. but I do wonder how they learn those things so young. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, that is definitely not fun. If I were there I would make you soup and help you watch Em, or whatever would make you feel better! But hopefully in a few months I'll be moving out your way! =)

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