Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Point!!

I am sure this is going to become a weekly ritual, maybe even daily... Em loved this place. We took her to it last fall and she liked it, but this time... I didn't bring a stroller with me because for once we weren't in a hurry. I love that feeling! We spent a few hours there just playing with all the animals. Here are some fun pictures of little EM!

Lovin the BUNNIES!!

Riding the little Ponies!

We had so much fun that day. After seeing all the animals, we went to JCW's. It is a restaurant like Crown Burger or Astro Burger. It was really good! They just opened up right by Thanksgiving Point. So now we have about 3 restaurants by our house. Things are looking up! :)

Yesterday Braun came home from Charlotte NC. Thanks Simmons and Ramsays for taking care of my husband! He said you guys were great and thanks for the dinners! I think I am going to go out and visit your office in June, so brainstorm up some fun things to do!

It was a pretty nice day and so we got to eat out on our patio. We had some yummy Hawaiian Haystacks. My FAVORITE!! Little off topic, but here is the back of Em's head. I am loving that she is getting longer hair. It is getting curlier and curlier. I just love it!
Em is loving that her daddy is home!! She wanted to be with him all day long! Every other word out of her mouth was "HOLD YOU DADDY.. HOLD YOU!"

Oh and Happy Memorial Day everyone!! This is weird being home for this holiday. The weather here in Utah isn't the greatest. It is raining and kind of cold. I hate this weather. I wish mother nature would just make up her dang mind and let us have summer. My #1 thing I love about summer are....

SNOW CONES!!! The past 3 places we have gone in the summer haven't had any. We passed a little Snow Shack today and I HAD to stop! I got my favorite.. Passion Fruit, Mango and Strawberry. Monster Style. Yummmy.... it was delish!!

So this week is going to be pretty crazy. Tomorrow our painters are coming and taking off every door in our entire house. YUCK. Our doors in our house are black and I guess when black paint sits in its can for a little while, it changes sheen. So when they touched them up, they are matte in some spots and shiny in others. Then on Wednesday, I go in for my first ultrasound!! I love that my new doctor does ultrasounds at the start. It just gets rid of that questionable due date. So I will tell you all how that goes on Wednesday. AND I have to finish 100 Car Litter Bags by this Saturday. Yep. I should stay pretty busy this week!

Have an awesome Memorial Day! I am off to buy Em a new carseat thanks to Delta! :)


Mike and Felisha said...

Ooo I love ultrasounds!! My doctor did an ultrasound the first time and I loved it!! Everyone thought I was having twins...who knows why...but anyway we knew for sure it wasn't!! Also don't feel too bad it has been raining here like CRAZY!! I can't believe how much rain. Anyway I'm excited for your ultrasound and also I LOVE Emery's hair it's my favorite!!

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

I have been looking every where out here for a snow cone shack. No luck. I love snow cones--they are definitely my favorite summer treat. You should try the cotton candy kind with cream--it's heavenly! =)

Joslyn said...

That's funny Em says "Hold you"...Brynlie still says that and she's almost 3! When are you coming out? Isn't Braun coming next week?

Greg and Kara said...

Oh T sizzle (by the way I called you T sHizzle on accident when you were talking to Braun on the phone and we were at PF Changs) you ARE coming out in June! Braun just misses your cute little face when he is on the road. And we did give him so good home cookin. By the way, ask him about Jacey's cesar dressing. I think he had 5 servings of it one night. Not kidding.

Moncur Clan said...

I hate looking at pictures of you.. You make me really sad that we are apart again for the 2nd summer in a freakin row. UGHHH... I hate hormones, I hate our husbands jobs, and I hate being away from my best friend!! So hurry up and come visit me!!

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