Friday, May 16, 2008


So went to the LA fashion district yesterday. It was great! Don't get
me wrong, the whole thing isnt good... I went to a part earlier in the
day which was really trashy. "tutsy" purses instead of Juicy, lots of
fake cheap stuff that is usually going to rip or break right when you
get home. So beware! If you go, call me. I probably only went to 1/2
of it (it is 90 blocks) but I found plenty of things! They have a lot
of designers showrooms there. Like for example, True Religion had a
store there and all of their new things were all 50% off. This is
totally the place where everyone gets everything for their pants,
purse, shoe parties etc!

I only had one bad purchase the entire day and it was this pirated
movie. I figured $5... Not bad. Better than 16 to go see it in
theaters. That way Braun wouldn't have to suffer through it. Well I
just put it into my computer. No sound and fuzzy as can be. I just
laughed. The funny thing of it is, I kept trying to ask the Chinese
man if you could see people in front of the screen or hear people
talking in the background and he kept saying..."yes yes... Berry good.
Berry good." I should of known.


Callan & Jaci Finch said...

Umm... I googled stalking cat because Im lame like that. lol , but please tell me SHE is not sitting next to you. That scares me....

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