Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lookie lookie!!

> Braun just knocked on this ladies house in St Louis and her dog came
> to the door looking like this!! Isnt that funny?

I have always wanted a white dog that I could do this to... hmm... I might have to improvise. Diesel is white, but he is already ugly so I would feel bad. Watch out James and Heather..Mokie might come home looking like this one day!! :)


Matt and Jenna said...

Don't leave your dogs with me! Deisel may end up looking like a mini marshmallow!

Melanie S. Tripp said...

Hey Tara! I can't believe he saw a dog that looked like that yesterday! That is insane! Only here right? Actually you can probably find people like that in most of these crazy cities we're all in! I saw a picture of your hair! It looks cute! I have to get used to your short hair again! HaHa! Well give Em a little smooch for me and I will see you soon! Don't forget you promised to do my hair when I come home so don't be fleeing to Mexico or anything on me! Love ya!

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