Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A little Shout OUT!!

A lot of you people on my blog know my friend Angie (Reed) Haaga. Angie and I cheered together in high school and she is the funniest girl. She has the highest voice you will ever hear and is just so nice. Anyway, she just announced that she is pregnant and I just wanted to say congrats!!! She has wanted a baby since before I even got pregnant with Emery... I am so happy for you guys!

(Angie, I am off to find some funny pictures of us to post..maybe the one of us mooning the camera at cheer camp??... Perfect.)


thehaagas said...

Thanks Tara you are so sweet. I am so excited that we will have babies together, how fun we can have play dates!! I will see you tonight.

Moncur Clan said...

Oh.. I am so happy for her. I remember when I went to your friends dinner she was trying. That was a long time ago. CONGRATS!!

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