Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daddys Girl!

Well this picture was taken on Mothers Day. Braun was outside sleeping and em went over and snuggled up right by her pops! She is just so
dang cute!

Em and I came to LA this week while Braun is training some guys. The flight was crazy early (woke up at 5:50 am) to some of you, that's not early.. But to me it is! Took our dogs to their "hotel" and almost missed our flight because I insisted on getting 3 Krispy Kreme donuts. I had to. They are so dang good! Right as I got up to the gate, Ems stroller/car seat kept coming at me after I stopped, gave me a huge flat tire and I dropped everything. My purse was completely
overflowing so when that fell, stuff was rolling everywhere. Getting up to the gate was a challenge too cause I kept dropping everything. Traveling with kids is dang hard! Anyway, got on the plane and realized I forgot my donuts at the gate.haha... Just kidding, that
would of totally ruined my whole day so I was clinging to those for life!! Anyway, the flight was exhausting because neither of us wanted to hold Em cause we were BEYOND tired after only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before. Needless to say, I am back in bed snuggling with my little girl with a stomach ache from it being 2:15pm and the only thing I've ate all day is 3 donuts. Oh and get this, we flew on a Sky west plane and you know how sometimes when u get off a smaller plane, they drop you off outside and you have to walk down about 20 feet of stairs? Well today we were waiting for our carry ons and Ems car seat and stroller thing to be carried off the plane to us. Well, we see them throw it on the top of the rolling jet way and we watched it fall from about 20 feet and come crashing to the ground. I was so mad! It was Ems new GoGo Kidz attachment and her new big girl car seat. I wanted to scream! The car seat broke so they best be buying me a new one!! Okay, its been a long day. I need to stop complaining!

Anyone know anything fun to do in LA??


Rommel & Christy said...

Hey Tara. It's Christy from down the street. Congratulations on the pregnancy! That is great! My husband saw you and your hubby at the airport today...sorry about your stuff that they broke...LAME!!

Joslyn said...

Ewww...that would make me so mad if they broke my carseat. Keep us updated on wether or not they buy you a new one!

Moncur Clan said...

I understand your frustration with the carseat. I have had 2 strollers broken by airlines.. So irritating! I am so glad you made it there safe. I can't wait for you to show me everything you bought at the District. Talk to you soon!

Ciera said...

I don't know anything fun to do in LA but I know lots of fun stuff to do in San Diego area, if you want to drive a couple hours South?

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

I am so jealous you're in LA--you need to come visit me in NYC!!! =)

Angela said...

ummmm things to do in LA.. If you don't mind taking Emery to a movie. Go to the Mann's Chinese Theatre by Hollywood Ave (where allt he actors have their hand prints) The theatre is HUGE and the sound is great. It is where they view movie premieres etc.. Also, Santa Monica Pier is great! Lots of great restaurants, people watching, shopping and games/rides like at a carnival. You can rent bikes or roller blades if I remember right. Also, Beverly Hills is fun to drive through if you have a car, Rodeo Drive is a must see if you have never been. Call me if you have questions. have fun!

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