Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Controversy...

Here is the reason I am only SEMI excited to see my husband today.
Braun has Been out of town all week visiting his offices. Well of
Friday, my sister and I went to dinner and I
Got the great idea of going to get our girls ears pierced. So after
about an hour of talking her into it.. We went. I tried calling Braun
to warn him but he didn't answer. So technically it is his fault that
she has these little beauties in her ears. Well he finally called me
back and is now quite mad. I don't think that I can leave them alone
together for the next few days until he realizes how cute they are.
Otherwise, this might be the last picture in these little cuties. Wish
ME luck!!!


Joslyn said...

I love them! So cute! But that's coming from Nick and I who get our girls' ears pierced before they can even crawl! :)

Jennie B. said...

Ha ha. Oh my gosh, Tara, You KILL me! They sure look cute though! It's Mother's Day! He can't get mad. :)

Amy said...

Did Braun's face look like Emery's in this picture. She doesn't look too thrilled either. ha ha ha

The Ison Family said...

I have to ask, how did she do when she got them done? I want to get Haylee's done but I'm nervous. I've been debating about doing so for a couple of months now. Emery looks adorable with her earrings.

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

Cute tara! I love them! I've been thinking about peircing Madden's..maybe just one ear though!

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