Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Sweat Shop....

Well last week my friend Amy was having some computer issues so she asked if I would fix them! She came over and I helped her out for a few hours. She asked if there was anything that I could do for me.. She also said, "Keep in mind, I am poor.. and lazy!" Well, cutting out large lots of fabric isn't my most favorite thing to do so I decided to make her do it! :) So sure enough, Amy came over last night and cut fabric for me! What a nice friend. She is for hire if anyone needs some help. Her face totally describes how she was feeling after I brought out yards and yards of fabric. She didnt know what she was getting herself into I don't think!

And I did what I do best.. Sat on my bum and ATE!

Oh and I laughed at her jokes occasionally too... if I wouldn't of, she probably would of left and made me do it.
(That was a horrible picture by the way!)

car broke down at my house yesterday so she had to hang out with me all day! What a bummer. We watched the Cheesy show Enchanted and LOVED IT!! I kept singing that song all day long.

I am starting to get so bummed that lots of my friends are leaving soon for the summer. Seriously, I have tears in my eyes right now! It doesn't help that Rachels blog is singing a sad song (I wonder--by Kelly Pickler) If you guys all don't keep blogging and calling me, you will be dead meat. Honestly. Please invite me to whatever state you will be in. I don't care if all I do is sit in your apartment all day. It will be fun! :) Anyway.. that was just my little vent.

Today I took Rach to get her car at the Jeep Dealership. After, we were bored and so we went to lunch! I about peed when I saw what was waiting for me in front of the restaurant. Braun decided to get me a new car!!

*********************************************************************************** ***********************************************************************************
Did I have you fooled? I can only wish for a G Wagon. But it was a great Photo OP right? Maybe one day..

Oh and Guess What?? I'll give you 3 guesses.....

So that is a joke.. but I needed to think of a way I could put that girls picture on here and not have it be totally random. But can you even believe that girls belly? My friend Jennie had it on her blog and I just about died. Poor Girl!


the hogan's said...

K they really do look so much alike...too funny!!

Joslyn said...

You're more than welcome to come to Virginia and visit me!!! Actually, you probably will come with Braun one time anyway...won't you? You'd better! :) And is that girl's belly seriously real??? There's no way! She looks off-balance; like she could tip over face-first at any moment!

Kelley said...

Oh I love the G Wagon too! white, black silver... I don't care- I want one.

Rindy's said...

HAHAHA Mike and I were both like what?!?! She got a new car and didn't say anything at dinner hahaha we are suckers!!!

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

I guess we all want the G-wagon!!! It has been my dream since I first saw one--I think I could barely even drive then. Austin made the mistake of taking me to the mercedes dealership to drive one (his idea) and now I am fixated on the idea. I didn't even drive the g wagon amg because it is like double the price (although it is faster than a porsce) but I didn't want to tempt myself. The regular g-wagon will do just fine. I am trying to convince him to buy me one at the end of the's not working so far. He said a new house or a new car...decisions decisions....i'll go for a new house for now but maybe next year I can get the g-wagon!!! I'll keep dreaming. Oh and you can definitely come visit me in NYC--I think one of Brauns offices is already out there but totally come hang out with me if you go! or even if you don't end up going to the other office--come see me for sure! I am going to be so lonely---I won't be bored because there is so much to do but it is always more fun to do things with friends! =) And hopefully after the summer we"ll be neighbors (kindof) we"ll be close enough to call ourselves neighbors I guess! Which is weird because Missy will actually be my neighbor. She is one street away from both of the houses we put offers on. Crazy! But it's so fun to already know people in the area! YAY! oh and I am glad you caught your mouse. I probably would have felt sorry for it too and had austin take it outside as well. But atleast it's not creeping you out in your house now! =)

Matt and Jenna said...

OH Tara, you have poor taste in cars too!! So Matt had a funny dream about you cheating with his brother mike! You really do get around don't you!

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