Thursday, April 17, 2008

I want this so bad....

Isn't it so cute? I was shopping at Nordstroms today and saw one similar. I just love it. How much is too much to pay for a laptop case? I should stop dreaming, I bet this is above my budget..dang.

On an UGLIER note, while shopping in the shoe section, I came upon these bad boys.

And no, they are not slippers. They are a $70 pair of bunny SHOES. Eeew!

P.S. Clothes party is tonight! I hope to see you there!


*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

I want one of those juicy lap top cases too! The one I want is a different style but to be honest I'll take any juicy case--they are all adorable. The ones I saw were only $90 dollars which in my opinion is not bad for a laptop case (because in my case I take my lappy everywhere since I can't live without it) and come on--laptops are expensive you have to protect them. And since I didn't get my mac book in pink like I originally planned, I think I deserve a juicy couture case ;) The Nordstroms at Fashion didn't have them last time I was there---so it may have to wait until New York. BUt I say we should both splurge and go get it!!! =)

chanceandbrooke said...

I am still waiting for my platnium invite! In case u forgot...brooke_allred@hotmail

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