Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I just need to tell you about this SALE!!!

So I am quite obsessed with Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. Well, tonight at my Illustrator class a girl told me that they were having their "Sample Sale!" So I went to their discount website and sure enough, my diaper bag is half off!
I almost want to buy one for my next kid. Maybe I will. Ya never know how bad mine could look then! Anyway, I wanted to share this with all of you since I am pretty sure so many of my friends are pregnant right now! I have also been searching for a purse with a lot of compartments.. well, they have such a good one. It is called their their Touring Tote
I think I am going to order it. I just love it! Notice how it is still big? I need a big purse!

And look how convenient it attaches to a stroller!

And the website is

Happy Shopping!! Seriously, you can never find these bags on sale!


*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

Thanks for the heads up Tara---but what are you doing up so late? My excuse is packing and the inability to sleep, what's yours? ;) Well I guess you have insomnia like me so we can be late night blogger friends! =) I hope you are having fun on your trip!

Hayley Neil said...

Nice! Thanks Tara! I am going to check it out. Cool that you are taking an illustrator class. I stinkin love that program. I seriously use it for everything!

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