Thursday, April 17, 2008

I can't sleep... AGAIN!

Okay honestly, I am not sure what the deal is tonight. When I was on my way home from my Illustrator Class tonight, I was DEAD TIRED and couldn't wait to hop into bed. Well, 3 (almost 4) later, I am wide awake laying in bed. So, I figure I will write useless information about myself and perform a tag that I have been avoiding for a few weeks. :)

100 extremely useless facts about me. ***I might not really get to 100. We will see***

1. My name spelled backwards is aRAT.
2. Which by the way, my house is officially Rodent FREE! (if you missed the post!)
3. People in elementary school called me "Tear-A Piece of Paper"
4. I am a middle child!
5. I have lived in Utah, California, Virginia, Georgia and Florida.
6. I have danced and played the piano all of my life.
7. I took gymnastics for a few years of my life and then one day, it scared me and so I quit. Then I took up tumbling.
8. My favorite restaurant is Wingers.
9. I love dipping popcorn in Winger Sauce and Ranch dressing. YUMMM!
10. Sometimes Emery and I just go there :)
11. My favorite thing to do is watch TV and I never get to do it.
12. My favorite time of the year is fall.
13. I am really good at finding impossible things on the internet.
13.5 I am a hacker. Seriously. :)
14. I LOVE Chihuahuas :)
15. I have a rock in my cheek from a car accident.
16. I have crooked lips from that same car accident.
17. and was life flighted from it too!
18. My dream car is a Mercedes G-Wagon
19. I have a size 8.5 foot!
20. I wish my hair was really long and REALLY healthy.
21. I would live in Florida for the rest of my life if I could.
22. I wish that Braun didn't work so much.
23. Braun and I want another little baby!
24. No, that is not an announcement.
25. I am really starting to like to sew!
26. I am not an organized person, but I would like to be!
27. I am ADDICTED to buying craft supplies. Seriously, I need to buy a patch or something.
28. I get motion sick in cars if I read a book or concentrate on something within the car.
29. My doors in my house are black.
30. My lip got stuck in a trampoline spring once when I was trying a double backflip and I had to get 13 stitches. eeew.. just thinking about it makes me cringe.
31. My favorite candy is black jelly beans.
32. My favorite dessert (at the moment) is the White Chocolate Lava Cake at Chilis.
33. I have 3 whole garbage bags of shoes in my basement that I just can't get rid of. They will come back into style ONE DAY!
34. I am an ELECTRONIC NERD!! Seriously, I love them all. I get that from my dad.
35. If I had 3 wishes they would be: to know how to do and make EVERYTHING. To be happy for the rest of my life. And for their to be no crime in the world!
36. I have driven across the country 3 times. LITERALLY.
37. I won the showcase showdown on the Price Is Right 3 years ago.
38. I had to pay $10 Grand in taxes from that.
39. I consider myself to be a lucky person!
40. I want to go to Europe this fall.
41. I really like my inlaws!
42. Emery does not look a thing like me. Sad!
43. I have had 5 cars in my lifetime. Grandpa Truck, Tahoe, Honda Civic, 4 Runner and a Yukon.
44. Me and Ashley would take my Grandpa Truck all over So Jo when we were 15. Sorry Mom and Dad!
45. Since I got pregnant, the front corner of my hair grows in RED! Only a patch!
46. I used to go to random weddings just to get free food! Eclairs were the jackpot!
47. I go out to eat at least 5 times a week. Yuck!
48. I hate talking in front of people.
49. I am an Achievement Days leader in my ward.
51. I love all candy!
52. Especially Chocolate!
53. I love shopping :) (without Emery!)
54. Gerbera Daisies are my favorite flower.
55. I am not a jealous person at all.
56. I don't think a movie is a movie at the theaters without popcorn!
57. I am just barely starting to like Jewelry. weird I know!
58. I am starting to get really bad gag reflexes.. what is up with that?
59. My favorite color is Pink, My favorite color on ME is brown.
60. I wish I could hire a nanny 2 days a week.
61. I also wish that nanny would cook, clean, do the dishes, laundry, style my hair, do the yardwork, etc.
62. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE mashed potatoes.
63. I think sleep is a waste of time. APPARENTLY!
64. It is 2 AM
65. Braun and I sleep in a queen sized bed. I wish we had a king!
66. My summer goal is to get my basement organized.
67. My summer goal is also to get better at photography.
67. I love Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. I think that I should of been born 10 years later. I even went to their concert and sang my little heart out!
68. I didn't drink a single Soda all through High School. I wish I was still that good.
69. I once went 3 months without eating ANY candy. Amazing, I know.
70. I wish I was more organized.
71. I graduated from Bon Losee Hair Academy.
72. Braun and I don't watch any Rated R movies.. but we do buy the edited ones! is a great place to get them from!
73. I am OBSESSED with the show Big Brother. I LOVE IT! Does anyone know where to get the past seasons from?
74. I tivo the following shows... How Its Made, American Idol, The Hills, Martha Stewart, The Office, Lost, Prison Break, 24, Big Brother, The Girls Next Door and I think that is all. Too bad I never get to watch most of them.
75. My dog Diesel has to wear diapers. He gets too excited!
76. I want to buy a bike and one of those kid carriers!
77. I love going on vacations.
78. I am going to miss all of my friends this summer!
79. I have my next kids names picked out.
80. I loved the Twilight Series and I can't wait for the movie.
81. I am a list maker. I have to make one daily or I can't function.
82. I do hair!
83. I have had my extensions in for 5 months.
84. We have a townhouse in South Jordan.
85. I have a grandma named Leila. I love her!
86. I can't stand the smell of fabric softener when I am pregnant!
87. I HATE cilantro.
88. I HATE spinach!
89. I am going to Sea World!! I sure hope em loves it!
90. Brauns driving really scares me! He is way too aggressive!
91. I love writing in my journal!
92. I feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable around shy people.
93. I feel like I dress like a mom since I have had Emery.
94. I love pens.
95. I love Jamba Juices too.
96. I could eat a Snow Cone everyday.
97. My middle name is Dawn.
98. I have hiked the entire Grand Canyon.
99. I had to ride in a lifeflight helicopter.
100. I can put my feet behind my head and walk around!!

Yay! Holy smokes.. that was long!


Kelley said...

Does Braun know you wish for No Crime in the world???!!! I LOVE mashed potatoes too- only real ones, we eat them like 4 times a week. I have a gag reflux prob too- it will happen if I walk outside early in the mornings in the cold air. Weird. My doctor said that could be a thyroid thing. Anyways, you are halarious!!!

Greg and Kara said...

Ha! You are crazzile (crazy?) for shizzle tarizzle! Scary thing is, I knew like half or more of that stuff! I guess practically living in the same apartment in Miami for a summer will do that to ya.
You do need to book your NC trip STAT! And hair appt. perhaps on Monday? Let me know shizzle tarizzle my nizzle...
P.S. Greg's hole is hairy again!!!

Joslyn said...

I didn't know that you liked sewing? I should have're the craftiess person I know! Next Thursday I have enrichment and we are making the cutest little girl clothes! I will show you the end result! Oh- and I'm flying out on the 30th with Kelsie; do you have a vacant room in your inn for the night of the 29th?!!! :)

Jed and Sabrina said...

That was awesome! I don't think i could think of 100 things so well!
I know one of your kid's names will be bentley!! Such a great name! I really want to come to your moms party but I have to judge a dance comp that whole day. there's not a website is there? or a catalog?

Jed and Sabrina said...

ah nevermind, I thought it said Friday! We're good, i'm gonna be there!

Jed and Sabrina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rindy's said...

Haha Tara you are funny!! I love things like this I learned so much about you!! The pics on my blog are some of my close friends. It's a really sad story I have pretty much been crying all week. It's made me even more grateful for Brynlee!! I'll see you tonight

The Ison Family said...

My gosh I still remember hearing about your family's car accident. I cried when I heard about it. So scary!! And girl, you do not dress like a "mom". You always look so good and so put together.

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

Hey you have a grandma named Leila? Cool, same name different spelling. Also, I want you to put extensions in my hair! I wish my hair was long and healthy too! It’s kind of long but totally not healthy…that’s why I want extension. We have a lot in common! FUN! I am totally a list maker…oh and I CAN NOT WAIT FOR TWILIGHT TO COME OUT. Have you looked on Stephanie myers website? It has all the cast, etc. I am pretty disappointed in most of the cast—especially Edward. =( But it should still be a great flick! Have you ever had the snowcones with the cream? I love the cottoncandy flavor with the cream it is so delicious. I want one right now! I hope they have a snow shack in NYC! .Oh and I was life- flighted too (I had a cardiac arrest and then I was in a coma…long story but the dr. over dosed me on medication) I am super impressed with the candy thing. It is my weakness. Desserts I can live without but candy is my vice. I have tried to go without it and I think I’ve lasted a week. How did you do it?! Oh and please teach me photography (can you do it over the phone or online since I’ll be gone all summer) My goal this summer is to learn how to take creative pictures with my slr and I don’t know where to even begin! I am leaving in less than a week by the way. I don’t know why I am blogging when I have so much to do…

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

oh and you are so beautiful I didn't even know you had crooked lips or whatever you said! Car accidents are scary. I have serious p.t.s.d from a car accident I had 2 years ago...that is why I was such a baby during the moab 4 wheeling. You were so brave I would have never known you were in a car accident!

Greg&Ky said...

I know I got the same tag and it took me forever too! It sure is fun to read so thanks! I have some of the same things on my list it made me laugh!

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