Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is going to be one BIG POST!

Hey! So much has gone on lately.. and I feel like I haven't posted near as much as I would like to! Braun and I just got back from Moab last night. We had a great trip! I will tell you a little more about it near the end of this post! I like pictures and so get ready for a bunch!

My mom, sister, me, Emery and Kendall went to lunch at the Quilted Bear a little while ago.. look at my poor mom!

Okay, I gotta tell you all AGAIN about this place. I even took better pictures this time. Us and the Moncurs went and ate at the Red Iguana again. This was on a TUESDAY night and check out how busy it was! Watch out if you go here though.. there were a million cops by it and we saw about 15 people get pulled over while we ate dinner.

I use to HATE mexican food and now I just kick myself for not loving it sooner! Here is what I get.. the beef Chimichanga! YUM!!

Here is Rachel and her Sopapillas! (Spelling???) Anyway, this whole plate of them was like $3 What a STEAL!! Rachel finished every last one of them too! :) haha!

Here are the MONCURS! Sorry.. I don't think Rach was ready for this picture, but it is the only one that I got! Aren't they cute?

Now.. Here is Kara. She is a HOOT! haha.. how old did I just sound? We were at Chance's birthday party which was Karas 23rd birthday too! Kara is funny. She has a slogan for every year of her life. I think her slogan for this year is "Livin' free at 23." If you know her..or even if you don't, ask her what her slogan is for next year. Pretty Dirty! :)

We went bowling with Brauns region the other night too! Emery wanted nothing to do with bowling.. so she hung out on the ski ball machines!
I won enough tickets to buy her some stickers! Go MOM!

Here is a picture from the day we went and got pics taken with the easter bunny! I just forgot this one.. all of us with our twin strollers with adorable girls!!

Here is my little CHEESEBALL!

Our last girls day! We went and saw Horton Hears a Who and went to lunch... it was fun! Here is the Stroller Brigade!

Em and I about to get SOAKED!! Just kiddin.. I would of died. It wasn't THAT warm!

Rach, me and our girls!

Emery fell down the garage stairs the other morning before we left for Moab. She scraped it on the gross dirty bristley rug. I felt so bad!

Okay now for the MOAB stuff!! We had such a fun weekend! We were down there for some trainings, jeeping and just hanging out. Here is the first day we got there.. we went and hiked the Delicate Arch. Here is part of our group!

Here is Braun and Dave.. yep, they look a little too comfortable with that!

Meet Jason, Missy and Madden Streif.. I just barely got to know this girl, but I just love her! She is so fun and she just moved by me! I am so excited.. we are going to keep each other company all summer long!

Some of the Platinum Girls!

Here are our friends Chance and Brooke!

This is the day we went jeeping! We went up Hells Revenge. Honestly, I was terrified. BUT there was someone else more scared than me! Jason!! haha :)

This is Jason and Casey.. Jason was TERRIFIED! I was dying laughing :)

Yes.. I looked quite excited. Little did you know.. I was wetting myself.

The way up was the worst part. It doesn't look THAT bad.. but it was!

We ran into some old High School Friends! There were more guys, but I haven't gotten that picture yet!

Here is Austin and Layla! They are so nice~ they are going to New York City this summer. Layla, I am SOOO jealous :) Maybe I should fly out and you could show me around!

The way up!

Can't have a Platinum Event without a little Soulja Boy!

Hmm.. not sure about this one!

Sorry for the picture OVERLOAD!! Now I can sleep at night and not worry about how far I am behind on the BLOG!!

Also, for all of the Platinum Girls that check on here every now and then, I added a link list of all of your blogs until I get the blog done. I only have the ones from the paper I got. If you aren't on there, comment on here with your info!

One more thing, Rachel discovered a great blog! It is Bakerella.. I can almost guarantee that you will love it! :)

Enjoy and don't forget to say HI!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Photobooth FUN!

Like Kara said, I don't think I have EVER had more fun in a photobooth! Braun and I did a few rounds in the photobooth as well, but I seem to of misplaced our pictures!! Kara and I sure are crazy gals.. NEVER a dull moment with us!!

P.S. We had a few Easter Egg Hunts today! Check back for more pictures soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

101 Posts and Terrific Tuesday!

Well, I hit 100 posts yesterday!! And in honor of that, I put some TUNES on my blog (which I HIGHLY recommend buying! Leona Lewis is GREAT!) I am going to participate in a Pay It Forward Exchange!! Here is the scoop:

***EDITED!!! Okay, so I feel bad only picking 3, so leave a comment and I will put your names in a bucket and pick another few!! Keep up the comments!

I'm participating in a Pay It Forward Exchange. Want to play? I will send a handmade gift to the first three people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this Pay It Forward Exchange. You will receive your gift within a month from leaving your comment, I promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. Apparently this has been going on for over a year. It sounded like fun so I am helping to keep it going!

Sound good? Yay! Also, I can't post without some pictures! Yesterday for our Kids Day Out, we went and saw the Easter Bunny! I think that the pictures tell pretty much everything! :)

And I can't figure out how to get my scanner to work, so here is a pic of a pic!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Is there such thing as....

Blogging too much? I hope not. Last week, I said about 100 times.. "Oh I need to BLOG about that." Braun just laughs. :) Hey, I do this lately instead of writing in my journal. To me, it is more fun! Okay, so here are some pictures that were taken on the last day of our trip to Idaho. We are in front of his Grandparents house in St. Anthony. The snow mounds were incredible. I just had to take a picture on them!

So, when we were in his Grandmas bathroom, Emery started going through the drawers and found some curlers.. So of course, they made for a GREAT photo OP!!

Uh Ho!!
Here are Brauns Cute Grandparents with Em and Braun...

Grandma and Grandpa--We LOVED being able to stop by your house!! Thanks so much for the DELICIOUS dinner and Braun hasn't stopped talking about your rolls!! We LOVE you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am on a ROLL!!

Well, I am a BLOGGING FOOL again! I take a break for a few weeks and now I am back!

Okay so... My friend Jenna and I are such good moms. Not to TOOT our own horns or anything! ;) We have decided to take our kids on "play dates!" We go somewhere every Tuesday and each take turns planning what we do. So no more hair on Tuesdays! Sorry! Actually, now is a good time to tell you all my thoughts. I have decided to just do hair 1 day a week. It might take a little longer to get around to doing everyones, but I am fine with that, so I hope you are too! I just feel that when I am doing it everyday it really takes away from what I NEED to be doing with my family and house. I am sure you all understand!

Okay, not back to our regular scheduled programming...Tuesday Play Dates!! So this last Tuesday, we went swimming! We had a blast! We went to the Lehi Rec Center. It was actually really clean (I was worried about that!) the water was warm, hardly any people.. anyway, it was great! Here are some pictures of that day!

Jenna, Gracie and Easton (Emery's Boyfriend!)

Emery and I going down the slide.. if you click on the pic and make it bigger, you can see that she is TERRIFIED!!


Emery hated swimming for the first little while..

Then she decided to like it!

Jenna and I were trying to get them to kiss each other! Look at Emery's face.. Good Girl!!

I am so WHITE!

After swimming and lunch, we decided to hit up the Gateway and do a little shopping! They had great sweaters for little girls for $3, so naturally, I stocked up!
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