Monday, February 18, 2008

Some Recent Stuff.. oh and VALENTINES DAY!!

So I discovered something cool this morning! It is called TWITTER. If you look over there---------------------------> you can see it! What it is, is something that just keeps track of what is going on, what you are doing, and whatever else you want everyone to know! You just send a text message to a number and it updates it! Isn't that cool? Yes.. I sure thought so. I know all of you are very interested in knowing what I am doing at all times so I thought that I would just help you out. :)

So Valentines was a success! Braun and I had so much fun. He is such a sweet husband! I love him so much! The day before Valentines we were supposed to go up to Salt Lake and go to dinner and stay in a hotel for the next few days. Well, Wednesday was the MAJOR blizzard and so he was stuck at a gas station about a mile away from 3:30pm until 12:30am!! Yep, 9 hours.. good thing he has TV's in his car. He watched The Office and I'm not sure what else.

We ended up going to SLC in the morning. We went and got a 90 minute couples massage from The Kura Door. That is our FAVORITE massage place ever. It is just such an amazing atmosphere in there! We love it. Then we went to the RED IGUANA.. Has anyone been there? It was unreal. I loved it. Seriously, on the outside, it looks like a dump but it is so good. Anyone want to go?? I would go back in a heart beat! Here is a picture of the outside of it, we were driving, so its not that great!

Then we went to Gateway and did a little shopping! Oh it was fun. I got Emery a bunch of clothes from Old Navy, which by the way is having AWESOME sales! Went to Bath and Body Works (Which now makes the antibacterial foam sanitizer in all scents!!! They are cute and small and you can carry them in your purse! Great for Kids!! :) )

Then we went to 2, yes 2 Movies! We went and saw JUMPER and THE EYE. I recommend them both! After that, we still weren't hungry, so we went for dessert at Chilis! Oh my.. they have my favorite dessert ever there. It is the new white chocolate Molten Lava Cake. Brauns favorite is the chocolate one, so we got one of each!!

(Mine was WAY better!)

Then we got back to our hotel.. Braun was so excited to give me my present! He got us matching TURKISH ROBES!! haha funny huh? They are the softest COZIEST robes I have ever worn! He has wanted a robe so bad ever since we went to Grand Cayman and wore the Ritz Carlton Robes. He is so silly sometimes. i laughed at him for getting me it, but I totally take it back. Those things are incredible! Notice how he embroidered our names on them?? haha! :)

Yes and he even slept in it!

Happy Valentines Day!! (a few days late!!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Timeless Tuesday...

haha.. I tried to think of something that was like "Flash Back Friday" and Timeless Tudesday is all that came to my mind. So, I have some REALLY funny pictures for you all today. Braun will KILL me if he knows I put these on here. Good thing he never reads this! Okay, so first things first.. I am SOOO excited for Valentines Day. I am not really sure why, but I am. This year Braun decided that he wanted to take me somewhere out of town. So, we were going to go to Las Vegas or LA and do a little shopping. Well, there was another purchase I had in mind so instead of going somewhere big and spending money for both, we just decided to go to SLC. So... he got us a hotel up there and we are just going to have to "pretend" we are far away. Emery is getting babysat so it will just be us! I am excited. It feels like its been forever since we have just had a few days with just US!! Yay! He is planning the whole thing, so hopefully there will be a massage and some good food in there somewhere.

On Friday, Emery, me and my family are all going to Lake Havasu. It is going to be in the 70's I guess! Yay! I can hardly wait for some warm weather. I bet Emery is excited too! I am sad, Braun has to be in town for some dang basketball thing for work so he doesn't get to come.

Okay, so are you ready for the pictures.. yep. Here we go. So Braun and I as I am sure you all know, went on a cruise a few months ago with his company. WELL... on one of the nights we played a game. It went like this..there was an announcer and he split us all up into teams, then he would say.."The first person to come up here with socks on their hands gets a point..the first guy to come up here wearing womens lipstick gets a point, and so on.." Well, we our team was doing pretty dang good. So leading up to the end.. the things got a little more RISQUE if ya know what I mean. They asked for the first guy wearing a girls bra which was really funny! Everyone was totally into the game. Even older people!! SO....for the grand finale of the game, the guy said... "THE FIRST MAN UP HERE DRESSED AS A WOMAN GETS 10 POINTS!!!" So... all of us girls proceeded to help Braun dress. I have no idea how he got nominated to be the Guinea Pig but he did and I am sure glad about it because it made for some GREAT pictures! ENJOY!! (and DONT tell Braun!! :)

Here he is giving us girls our bras back! Kara was so funny.. she had hers off faster than anyone in the whole place!

Here is Brooke helping get Braun a little more feminine!!

Some of Brauns Friends.. yes.. he has strange friends!! haha!

There were a lot of NAKED girls somewhere!! :)


Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Man!!

Yay... I finally got tagged for something. I have been thinking about "Fake Tagging" myself just so I could answer some of these questions! haha.. anyway, I will now start the Man Tag!

What is his full name? Braun H Thueson (Yep.. the H is just an H)

How long have you been married? Almost 3 years.. okay, so not until July though!)

How long did you date? Hmm.. only for 6 months

Who eats more sweets? Dang. definately ME! I live on candy!

Who said I love you first? Is this sad?? I don't remember. I am sure it was him though. I was too irresistable. :)

How old is he? 25.. he was so excited for this birthday! We can rent cars now for cheap!

Who is taller? He is! by about 6 inches...

Who is smarter? It all depends on what..

Who can sing better? Braun.. he was a choir NERD!! :) Love ya babe!

Who does the laundry? We both do, but mostly me.

Who pays the bills? Both of us.. I hate bills. I am too unorganized.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Braun. He sleeps closest to the door to protect me from the boogie man. I think all guys do!

Who mows the lawn? We just barely got our lawn in a few months ago. I am betting it will be me though because he will be traveling all summer. Darn!

Who cooks dinner? Me.

Who drives? He does. I am not the best driver!

Who is more stubborn? Totally me. Sorry! I use to try to get in a fight with him just because I was feisty. That changed quick though because he wasn't too fun to fight with.

Who kissed who first? He did!

Who asked who out? He asked me out. It was weird though because we had been friends for so long I didn't really know what to think. I had no idea if he was asking me just to hang out or go on a date!

Who has more siblings? Me.

Who wears the pants? I guess it just depends on the topic.

That was fun!

I now tag... Ashley, Amy, Ali, Rachel (just to make you BLOG) Lisa and Sara!!

Lots of Pictures!!

Emery says HI!! Whoa, My pictures are WAAAY crazy on this post. Sorry! I don't want to fix them now though..

Oh I could just blog everyday if I had the time. I have taken a lot of pictures lately with my phone so they kinda are krappy, but eh.. its the same idea!

So.. I am OH SO HAPPY that this week is over. Seriously, most hectic week of my life I think. Oh Sweet Sadie was a success though! Quite a bit better than I expected actually which was nice :) Braun says I can't do it anymore though.. you should of seen our house. DISASTEROUS is the only word that describes it. But we will see....

anyway, so on Friday night... guess where I went??? The JONAS BROTHERS concert with my sister! I have never been to a louder concert in my life. We got AWESOME seats.. 6th row!! I am starting to wonder if I was born about 10 years too early because I am just loving all the teeny bopper music lately. You should of seen me at the concert. I was dancing all over the place. My mom and sister thought I was crazy I think. haha! What I thought was even funnier is that there were 3 8 year old girls behind us singing "Ridin' Dirty" and knew every single word to the songs. Yep.. I think I am getting old!

Okay and to celebrate the weeks end.. Braun and my family went to GuadalaHONKYS!! My family loves that place..

And then after we headed to Coldstone...yay! I love that place...

And my cute niece Kendall!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

If you missed Oh Sweet Sadie Yesterday....

You are in LUCK because it is today too! Come on over... and don't forget to say HI to me!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Just a Reminder :)))))))

Oh Sweet Sadie is today! YAY.... the long awaited day has finally come! I got a chance to see everything last night while I was setting up. There are some AWESOME things there.. I just might have to do a little shopping myself.. Okay, maybe a LOT of shopping!

Here is another invite for you.. Can't wait to see you there!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good Things Utah!!!

Well, today was so fun. Alli, Breanne, Jenna and I all went to Good Things Utah. It was a blast! The girls were great. We all totally lied and told them it was Jennas birthday just so we could get on camera. Yep, we are lame. Here are some pictures.. notice.. I am totally sharing a chair with Necia AND she has her arm around me. LUCKY!! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Coming SOON to a House Near You!!

Well I have been busy.. that is for sure! Sorry if I have been flakey to everyone. I have gotten about 15 texts about people needing their hair done. Don't worry, I am not avoiding you.. but I am SUPER busy this next week and so I am not able to do hair until after the February 11th. If you need it done really quick, call Jenna at Cottage Retreat! (801) 352-8636 She is way awesome and way better than me! :) haha..

Now on to the fun stuff! This week is Oh Sweet Sadie... for those of you that don't know what it is, go up to that top picture.. click on it.. get some popcorn and read all about it! I am so excited.. It is going to be so fun. I have been busy busy busy getting ready for it. My house, husband and Emery have been neglected for the past week! Sorry guys..

Anyway, you all should come! It is Friday and Saturday... I will be there a lot of the time so you better say hi!

They are doing some awesome drawings on their BLOG this week. So go and check it out.. it is I am donating to their drawings with a lot of fun new hairthingies that I haven't even put on my sites yet, so keep on checking back and try to win my stuff! I would love it :)

Anyway... If you need directions, here they are~
From Bangerter Highway Exit on I-15
* Head west on Bangerter Highway for 5 miles until you reach the intersection at 13400 South.
* Turn left heading west again on 13400 South for about 3 miles until you reach the 4 way stop
at Rose Canyon Road.
* Turn left, heading south on Rose Canyon Road. Turn right heading west when you reach 3 way stop to remain on Rose Canyon Road.
* Turn left into The Cove at Herriman Springs directly after fishing pond.
* At second round-a-bout turn right, then left into Rock Canyon Circle.
* Thair she blows that ole boutique right in front of yer face! 14658 Rock Canyon Circle (6935 West)
If you get lost, call 635-9422 for more helpful directions.

Friday, February 1, 2008


So, Em sure is letting you know whether or not she likes you.. doesn't like you... is mad, etc. So Braun took her to one of his recruiting dinners the other night and she apparently didn't like whoever it was they were with. She gave him crusties all night long. It was Brian Bailey for those of you who know him! Poor guy.. he was getting this look all night...

P.S. Don't mind the MOP on her head. Braun apparently doesn't know how to do her hair OR put a bow in!
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