Wednesday, December 31, 2008


No more hospital food!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Here she is!!

I'm doing this from my phone so it's going to be short and sweet!

Name: undecided :(
Time of Birth: 3:01 PM
Weight: 6 pounds 15 ounces
Length: 18 inches

She has lots of dark curly hair and doesn't look a thing like any of
us! :) I feel great and we are all doing awesome!! I can't believe she
is here. We love her so much already! Thanks so much for all of your
calls, texts and emails. It means a lot! :)

Oh hello!!

Well disregard that last post about having the baby yesterday. Long
story BUT we are headed in AGAIN right now to have our little girl!!
We are so excited!! Wish us luck!! By "us" I totally mean me by the
way. I mean, I'm sure it's hard on the husband too but please, I don't
see them pushing a child out of their downundas.

Friday, December 26, 2008


So I just called into the hospital to see if I needed to pre-register or anything like that before I go in on Monday morning. Here was our conversation...
Me- "Hey! I was just wondering if I needed to pre-register or make an appointment or whatever for being induced on Monday morning."

Nurse- "No, they will call you with details the night before."

Me- "Well, is it likely that I will get bumped to the next day? I have never been induced and just am a little curious!"

Nurse- "Umm.. let me find out where you are at on the list. Can I get your name?"

Me- "Of course, Tara Thueson. I am really excited if you can't tell?!"

Nurse- "I know how that gets!.. what is your doctors name? I don't see you on the list for Monday."

Me- (my stomach is in knots.. if I have to wait another day.. I am going to kill someone..) "The Lind, Lamereaux, Melendez group. Please, please, PLEASE tell me you see it!"

Nurse- "Oh here it is! I have it scheduled for us to call you tomorrow to come in for Sunday. NOT monday."

Me- "Is this a joke?? Please tell me this isn't. I am sooo excited. Could this be wrong? Are you going to be at the hospital? I feel like I need to HUG you. Really, I am so excited. I could scream right now!!!"

Nurse- (laughing at me) "Nope, its not a joke! Do you want me to switch it to Monday?? I can if you want or we will call you tomorrow with the details. Plan on coming in on Sunday at 7AM!"

AAAHHHHHH!!! Are you serious?? How on earth did that happen?? My doctors told me MONDAY!! I know its just a day.. but when you are almost 40 weeks pregnant.. a DAY is a FRICKIN' DAY!!!

Seriously.. I am so lucky! I love when people screw up and it benefits me! :) haha!

Well well well...

Christmas has come and gone! Wow! Can you even believe it? It really didn't seem like Christmas this year. I think it is cause I kept looking past it because of this baby (Still MIA BTW) Emery finally was able to get into it which was fun though. She loved seeing Santa everywhere we went. She was always pointing him out to me! She is such a fun little girl! Well.. I am going to catch up on posting some things since I have kinda felt like I've been slacking on blogging lately.. Our friends the Overman's invited us to a Christmas Party the other night. We had a white elephant gift exchange as well as a regular gift exchange. Em came with us and sat on my lap during the gift exchange. We let her pick out the present that she wanted to open. The first thing she pulled out was a Barbie. Oh my.. she was THRILLED!! She squealed "BARBIE mom.. Barbie!!!" Well, the rest of the present contained a 12 pack of razors and a can of shaving cream. I hear someone telling me to look closely at the Barbie.. so I do. This was a special edition "European Barbie" complete with hair all over her body. Coming out of her swimsuit bottoms, under her arms, all over her legs, etc. It was HILARIOUS!! Em noticed and all she kept saying was "Eeew Mommy Sick"

Barbies Close Up! Click to enlarge.. (UNLESS you are easily offended!)

Missy with her 42DDD Brazziere!! One day Missy.. One day.

Chance and Brooke!

Adam and Mel.. P.S. Did you and your dad have twinner hats Mel?

Mike and Felisha.. poor Mike got stuck with the Bra.

I promise I didn't just wake up from a nap before this picture even though it looks like I did!

The host and hostessess!! Layla and Austin.. lookin' good!

Thanks you guys for the fun night!

Now onto Christmas Eve!! During the day, I cleaned up my house and did a little crafting! I made a bunch of Posies for a friend.. they turned out cute if I may say so myself! :)

That night, we met up with my family at Texas Roadhouse. I was suprised how many people I knew at the restaurant that night. It seems a lot of people are lazy and like to go out to dinner on Christmas Eve like my family :) Here is the big ole' family minus my older brother Justin, his girlfriend and Brayden!

Then we went over to the Thueson's. Braun shared a great Christmas story from the Ensign and we opened up our gifts from each other. We got to meet their foreign exchange student from Korea named Heeju and just had fun spending time together! Here are some pictures from that night!

I can't make this post too long or else I won't have anything to blog about tomorrow! So stay tuned for Christmas pictures :)

Oh and just in case you are wondering.. I am still pregnant! I haven't had a single contraction today. Weird how the doctors say they think you will go with 3 days and almost 2 weeks later, you are still sitting here pregnant! Dang Docs! 2 more days (I don't count today!) and she will be here for sure! YEAHOOO!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Appointment UPDATE!!

Update! No water breaking at the appointment. Everything looked great! I lost 2 pounds from last week which is nuts because I have been eating like a freakin' pig! My stomach was measuring 1.5 weeks earlier but apparently thats okay?? I didn't have them strip my membranes this time. I need/want to wait it out! I was dialated to a 3 and 80%. Last week they told me I was fully effaced (they didn't give me a percentage, so I assumed 100%) So that makes me wonder.. at what percentage are you FULLY effaced? Is 80% considered full or can you UN-efface? Eh.. whatever. I have NO MORE appointments!! The hospital is calling me on this Sunday afternoon and telling me when to come in on Monday morning to have her! :) YEESSSSS!!!

Also... I am wanting to start packing our bags for the hospital. I remember thinking last time.. "I wish I would of brought this or that.." BUT of course I don't remember now. Sooo.. thats where all of you come in handy! What was on your hospital packing list? What did you bring that you didn't need? What did you wish you would of had that you forgot?

Only 6 more days!! I can do it! I am so ready. My house is clean, organized, baby room is ready, clothes washed, christmas shopping is done, cards are out (OH WAIT, no they're not.. I really slacked this year on those. Maybe I can do an eCard!) .. anyway, I finally feel prepared for something in my life. That NEVER happens!

Oh shoot.. she still needs a name.


So.. I think I am all caught up on emailing people back for everything. If I missed you and you are wanting any clips, pins, flowers, headbands, car seat covers, hmm.... what other services do I offer? haha! :) Let me know! My email is over there ------------->

Hope you are having a great day! I am stuck inside (and DEFINATELY not complaining about that!) it is SOOO snowy here! I LOVE IT! I go in for my last doctors appointment in about 40 minutes. Hopefully they'll accidentally break my water when they check me. That way I will be home in time for Christmas and I will get a picture of her in a stocking. How perfect :) I can dream right??

This is what it looks like outside my house right now! A winter wonderland :) Cute!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have been MIA for a little while. I don't know what my deal is! Sorry :) Anyway.. I want to start with the giveaway winners of the posies! Sorry it has taken a bit, but here they are!! The winners are... Hayley Neil and Ashlan Martin!! Soo.. congrats! If you didn't win and you want to buy a Posie, email me. My email is up at the top right corner of this page :)

Soooo.... last night, we went to an Ugly Christmas sweater party!! It was great! I went to Savers yesterday and found our beauties. They had a horrible selection so I didn't really find a Christmas one, but I DID FIND US DICKIES!! Did you see Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation?? Oh.. I just love that show. Savers had quite the selection of Dickies too! Haha :) It was AWESOME! Here are some pictures of us last night. Yes, you don't need to tell me how beautiful we looked. I already know :)
Layla, Rach and me!

Rach and I!

Who is bigger?? Okay.. he is totally pushing out. Cut him some slack people.

Check out those Dickies!! :)

The kiddos! Em and London..

Em and Jaid!

The girls of the night!

Not totally sure what the goal of this picture was..

Braun and Em disappeared for a little while and I went downstairs to find this.. Braun is such a cute daddy! He and Em were having their very first tea party! Braun was showing her how to keep her pinky sticking out :) He is so cute!


It was such a fun night! Thanks guys for inviting us!

Tonight a bunch of us are going to see 7 pounds and get some dinner at Red Robin! Yumm!

Baby update: Obviously the doctors were wrong with the whole 3 days thing! I am fine with it though. I really hope I can just get through next week now. I would of loved having her here this week BUT now that Christmas is almost here, I would just like to wait until after Christmas Day! Maybe its just me being selfish and not wanting to be in the hospital or in my bed on Christmas Day, but eh.. if I am, thats okay too I guess. My contractions last night were every 6 minutes and went on for about 3 hours but they ended up going away when I sat down and relaxed. Heck.. I hate this waiting and not knowing whats going on thing!!

Onto Christmas now.. Em is super excited for it and I can't wait to see her when she opens her presents. I got them all wrapped today (that and doing my neighbors hair was about all I accomplished all day today!) so now we just wait til Thursday! Yeesss! I can't wait for Christmas. I just LOVE IT!!

Have a GREAT rest of your Saturday! I hope its going fabulous!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well.. GOOD NEWS!! I just got back from the doctor. I am dialated to a 2 and fully effaced! They said she was really low and so now we just wait! I am SOOOO excited that no matter what, I will have her here in 1 week and 6 days MAX! The doctor stripped my membranes and said hopefully I will go into labor on my own within 3 days! I hope I am not getting my hopes up. I am really trying not to.. but its hard not to with her arrival coming up so soon! Anyway.. I feel like I need to tell everyone that I know about this just because I was so stressed about not being able to deliver at the hospital I wanted to because of the insurance change. Now I don't have to worry anymore! Yay!! Well.. here is the most recent picture of the big ole bell-ay!!
Okay.. I seriously feel like him right now.. which brings me to the question?? How does this man function being this big all year round? His stomach is very similar to a 3rd trimester belly (maybe not MY third trimester belly{thank heavens!!}) But how does he do it? Really.. It is bad enough having a basketball hanging off the front of you for 9 months. Let alone for 365 days a year? Okay back to me. Here it is... Little Miss ???.. you are almost here!!
38 Weeks.. 26 (wow!) pounds gained.. The countdown has definately begun.

Monday, December 15, 2008

This Weekend...

was super fun! Friday we went and did a food drive for Platinum (Brauns work!) Our goal was to double the highest donation of 17,000 pounds. We knocked on doors for about 5 hours and collected it. Everyone did such an awesome job and we totally hit our goal!!! I guess that much food will feed all the people for 3-4 months. It felt really good to participate in such a big event!

Braun, his brother Cade and wife Kelsie!
After we went and had a white elephant exchange! I walked away with 20 bucks!! Yeahooo! :) Friday night I watched my cute little niece Kendall. When her and Em get together, they are nuts. They go from one thing to the next the whole day. They just love each other so much though.. it is so cute to watch them. I straightened Kendalls hair (she has curls KIND OF like Em..not as tight though!) Isn't she cute?? I sure hope I have a cute little red head someday. Oh I just love her!

Saturday was spent watching those 2 girls.. that night though, Jenna, Matt, Braun and I went and partied like animals!! Yeah right, we just went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse but it sure was a blast. Anytime Jenna and I get together, its a great time! Braun and Matt were best friends growing up so it is really fun for all of us! And of course, I forgot to take pictures. We headed to Best Buy after dinner. I think I finally have talked Braun into getting a TV for our bedroom. So we went there to check them out. We ended up getting a heck of a deal on one that we couldn't pass up! So we got us an early Christmas present! Which then made us late to a suprise party for our friend Austin!! (which of course, there are no pictures of either..Layla, could you hurry and post some so I can get on that??!)

Yesterday, we celebrated Thanksgiving/My moms birthday at my sisters house! Since our Thanksgiving was sorta ruined this year, we figured we should try to make up for it. We had a great time celebrating my moms birthday too! I got her the new Juicy perfume (which by the way.. it smells AMAZING!!) too bad she has a cold and couldn't even smell it. Woops. Hopefully you will like it later! Anyway, what a boring post.. I need to be better at taking pictures lately. Here is 1 from last week!
Is there a book on potty training a 2 year old? If so, I need it. This is rough!

I had contractions all day yesterday. Last night they were 2 to 3 minutes apart. I couldn't sleep at all. Yuck. I am happy that I didn't go in though cause I am sure they would of sent me home. Actually, they for sure would of. I OBVIOUSLY didn't go into labor! :( I am really stressing about having this baby before the New Year. Brauns company is switching insurance which means that if I DON'T have her on the 29th as planned.. then I can't deliver at the hospital I have been planning on. I have to go to Provo. UGH!! AND it will cost me a few thousand dollars more. UGH AGAIN!! Well, lets just hope she comes soon and before the New Year! Is the "hibbidy-jibbidy" the only thing that will help me dialate?? What else can get this baby coming? Maybe if I just do them all right after one another, she will come. I am not even kidding.. give me some more TIPS!!

P.S. Craft night is tomorrow!! Send me an email to tarathueson at gmail dot com if you are 100% for sure able to come. I need to get something planned :)

P.S.S. I still need to pick a winner (I know.. sorry!) AND have a ton of emails I need to respond to! I will get on that soon.. promise!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Oh I just love these. Whenever I wear them, I always get stopped by people asking where I got them. Sorry for not posting the finished result awhile ago.. I am forgetful! Anyway, I wear these constantly! Sorry for the blurriness of some of these pictures. I forgot to take pics of them earlier and I was fighting with the light outside.. I HATE having to use the flash and so I refused!
See what I mean by blurry?

So todays giveaway will be for a posy or 2!! How about I draw 2 winners for this one? I am sure none of you are complaining.

Also, if you just want to buy them.. they are $5. Email me!

And the WINNER is...

I couldn't believe there were 40 entries!! I LOVE IT! :)

Congrats to The Wynns! Email your address (My email is now in the top right of this page) which one you wanted, and if you want it on a clip or a pin!

I finished something!!

I have been wanting to post this for SOOO long, but I didn't have it fully completed until this morning. I have had the main part of it made for a few weeks now, but didn't know what to put on the handles to "finish it!" Well after making a bunch of flowers last night.. I thought, what better to put on it!?? Anyway, here is my car seat blanket/cover! Don't you all find it extremely annoying to be putting a blanket over your babies car seats all winter and constantly checking to see if it is smothering them?? Well.. this solves that problem! I think I am going to make another one with a Chenille back on it to warm it up a bit! :)

Ooh.. I love the ric rac trim.

(I can not take credit for this idea.. I wish I could though! Isn't it brilliant? I saw a similar one a while back and made it more "me!")

If you want me to make you one, let me know! I am not sure on a price quite yet.. but email me/comment here and we will figure something out.

Okay, everyone keeps saying that we should have a craft day or I should teach classes. Well.. I think thats a great idea! How about we say Tuesday night? Everyone can bring a treat and we can decide on something to make beforehand. If you are interested, let me know in the comments! I am being dead serious! Even if we aren't friends, lets become friends!! :) (Unless you are crazy.. I don't want crazy friends.)

If you emailed me, I am working on getting you all written back. There were a lot of emails!

Also, if you are interested in crochet/ruffle headbands of any color.. I am selling them for $.40 cents a piece which is what I got them for last year. It's a heck of a deal considering people sell them for $3-4 a piece!

Don't forget about the giveaway going on below!
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