Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Friends and Family Sale over at Bitsy Blossoms!!

Okay, so I have been really hitting it hard with my website over the past few days. Everything is FINALLY set up. I can't believe how hard it has been. I am adding so many new things everyday. I am just loving it! I have decided to really get my business up and going though. So to those of you that are interested, I am having a Grand Opening Friends and Family sale!! It is going to run through November 7th. You get 20% off all of my prices. What a deal!!!!!

Click HERE to get the 20% off.

and the discount will be applied. Remember, you have to use that link otherwise it won't work!

Have fun shopping!!

Also, I am throwing E-Parties if anyone is interested in those as well. Click HERE to find out more info!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One year and 1 day ago today.....(Because I forgot to blog this yesterday!)

our little Emery Loo was born. While we were in the Cayman's, my funny friend Amy was telling me about a tradition that her friend does. She calls it "Flashback Friday!!" So, I am going to make it a tradition on my little blog. So here it is.. Flash back Friday!!!!!(I can almost hear the 60's music playing!! Think... Hairspray!)

So, I am going to post some prego pictures. If you laugh, you are dead.

Here is me at 5 months:

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I must of had a MAJOR growth spurt because here I am at 7 months
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Here my family is at the hospital right AFTER the epidural. You should of seen me before.. I was sure MEAN!!
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This was a few minutes before I had her.. notice how sweaty I am!??
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She sure was swollen!
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Our first family picture!
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She was doing the craziest things when she was born...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
She is still like that to this day! And yes, she finally grew into those hands!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Daddy and Em sleeping in the hospital!
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Our little jaundice baby!!
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It is sad to think she doesn't even fit in that car seat anymore!!!
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Okay, I feel like I need to redeem myself after showing you all of those pictures. Hmmm... I will have to find a few to post.

And more...

I am sorry if you guys are getting sick of all my crafts, but seriously, I am having so much fun doing them. This is my newest creation.. Diaper Wipes Cases!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So.. this is random, but does anyone know why I would have a metal taste in my mouth all day? I don't have cavities right now. It is driving me nutso!

So I have already been awake for 2 hours...

and it is 8:20 AM!! Emery woke up really early this morning. Of course she had to do it on a morning where I went to sleep at 2 AM the night before! Emery has been quite needy since we got back from our trip. She ALWAYS has to be held or have you playing with her. I think she was a little spoiled at Gramma and Grampa's! Don't ya think? Well, here is what I have been up to lately.. (lately meaning last night! I was doing a little hair clip making into the wee hours of the night!) I have to take full advantage while Emery is sleeping! These are definately my favorite clips so far. I just love them. In fact, I think I will wear one today!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Want to see more?? Go HERE

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We are HOME :(

Don't get me wrong, I was SOOO BEYOND excited to see Emery last night.. but to come from 85* weather to SNOW.. for heck sakes.. it sucked to say the least! Our flights went fantastic! They went by pretty quick which was nice. I think I gained a few LBS this trip. We ate so good! I took a ton of pictures.. I still need to resize them all before I put them on here. I have been doing a little photoshopping tonight. Fun! Here is another picture from Jackson.. I was testing out some textures to it. Don't mind the watermark on it. No, I haven't started a photography business. I get asked that so many times. Although it is quite flattering :).... Someone was stealing my pictures on a photo site and claiming them as their own! So, from now on.. you will probably see that on there. Anyway, I will be back later to post some more pictures of our vacation! It was such a blast!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not a lot to say today....

but we are still having an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!! Guess what we did today? A little SCUBA!! It was so fun. I was TERRIFIED to say the least.. we went out in the middle of the ocean, okay.. maybe not the MIDDLE but dang near it! haha.. anyway, we went out to a place where there was a ship wreck, tons of fish, a SHARK-- and mom, no.. I am NOT KIDDING!!
It was a Nerf Shark.. here is a picture...

I am terrible with determining sizes of things, but the instructors said that it was 8-10 feet long. I got pretty close to it.. Braun got even closer! It was awesome and for some reason I wasn't that scared! We saw tons of other cool things too... lots of fish, some big crabs

a ship that had wrecked underwater. I felt like I was on the Discovery Channel! I want to go again really bad. I bet the next time I won't be as scared and I will be able to enjoy it a little more! Only one more full day in PaRaDiSe!! That makes me really sad! I have had so much fun on this trip. I am definately going to miss this place. If you ever have a chance to come to the Caymans, I totally reccommend it!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Greetings from GRAND CAYMAN!!!

Oh my gosh... that is all I can say right now. This place is to die for!! We have had such a blast. This is going to be my little trip journal. I will try to keep posting pictures of what is going on. Too bad we have to pay to use the internet here. Anyway, how about I start telling you a little bit about our trip?? Sound good?

Okay, so we left on Sunday night at 12 AM!! Crazy.. I know. Well, we flew to Atlanta. For some reason, I have a soft spot in my heart for that place. Maybe it was the break-ins and robberies, I don't know. But I do miss it there for some odd reason! We got in there around 5 am and had a 4 hour lay over! Braun and I almost missed our flight to the Caymans.. we were on the hunt for toothbrushes and they were calling us over the intercoms and everything! It was quite embarrassing. We got into the Caymans and I immediately felt my hair start frizzing up. I thought that I would share a picture of it! Seriously, my hair does crazy things in this kind of humidity.
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The airport had live bands playing music for us. It was so fun! This island is NOT how I pictured it AT ALL! It was crazy.

I just had a HUGE post typed it up and the internet here kicked me off and now I don't have any of it saved. I could seriously cry right now i am so mad!! Anyway, this post isn't going to be near as good now though, so forgive me.

Our hotel is AMAZING!!! We are staying in the Ritz Carlton. I feel famous even walking in the place! They have huge fresh flower bouquets EVERYWHERE! Everyone is always asking if we need anything and get this... k so you know how in the morning, they come and clean your room, make your bed, etc.. well, at night.. they come and "make DOWN" your bed! They take all of the fancy throw pillows off your bed and get it all ready for you to get in it! They even put chocolate on your pillows
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and turn the "fire" on!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This place also has the most amazing beaches ever! The sand is perfectly white and the water is bluer than blue!

Here is a picture of us..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The Stewarts..
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and I haven't gotten a picture of the Black's yet. I will have to work on that tomorrow!

Here is a picture of part of our hotel. (Braun wasn't ready for this picture, but you get the point right?
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and here is a picture showing how I got moved right in!
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We seriously did the most AMAZING thing today! It was so awesome! So there is this place called "Sting Ray City" here in GC. We got on this huge Catamaran (Rachel--that is a big boat if you didn't know! haha) Anyway, we got out few miles from the island and jumped out and did a little scuba divin! It was such a fun experience...we saw tons of pretty fish! We got back on the boat and went to another place to scuba dive. It was a little furter out. It was about 10 to 20 feet deep. There was a huge reef with tons of fish in it. HUGE fish were there. Well on this other side of the reef, it just dropped off to 6000 feet! I didn't get near that part. Scary! Okay, so are you ready to hear the best part of the whole trip so far? I am ready to tell you! We got back on the boat and went a little ways away. The boat started stopping and all the sudden we starting seeing these huge rocks all over. The tour guide jumped out and all of these rocks started swimming to him! They weren't rocks at all! They were STING RAYS!!! They were huge ones too! They were all about 2-4 feet across and 4-5 feet long! It was nuts.. we were able to feed them squid. They would just swim up to you, run into you, you name it.. It was funny, actually it was quite scary. I was standing in water about to feed them some squid. I probably had 20 stingrays swimming next to me. They were EVERYWHERE! Well, I got way too scared and so I ended up just throwing the squid far away so they would run away. I guess I had one lingering somewhere around me though. I wasn't thinking and I wiped my squiddy hands on my leg. Next thing I know, I have some big squid giving me a HICKEY on my butt! I flipped out.. it was the weirdest thing ever. I wonder if I have a bruise? Anyway, We even got to give them a kiss! 7 years good luck for us! We got some AWESOME pictures of us! They are on a cheapO underwater film camera though, so we will have to wait on those!

I am hoping to have some other cool stories like this to tell all of you. We are supposed to be going on a submarine ride to the bottom of the ocean to have dinner sometime soon! That should be awesome huh? Anyway, I will leave you with a fun picture of our little Emmy. We sure do miss her!

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

I am on a CRAFTING....

FIASCO!! I think that made sense. I don't know, did it? Anyway, lately I have been obsessed (to say the least!) with CRAFTING!! It is actually about time though because I have an entire room downstairs devoted to it and I have a lot of things in there that I need to find SOMETHING to do with all! A few months back I created a tutorial on how to make these cute clips.. you can find it on either of my sites. They are so fun to make and look how stinkin cute they are?? Anyway, I will get them up in my ETSY shop and on my WEBSITE soon enough! My thumbs are about to fall off because I have made so many lately. Whats awesome is that same technique used to make those can be used for earrings, thumbtacks, hair elastics, barettes, and tons more! What a BLAST!!!! Anyway, I am putting them on my sites today, so keep checking back!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Johnson Kids Part 2:

I kind of left out little Easton on the last post, so here are a few of that cute little guy. He is such a handsome boy!! Oh and definately one of the happiest babies EVER!!!! ADORABLE!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Look How Neat!


A fun little online tool called Spell with Flickr lets you type in a word, then recreates the word for you using photographs of letters from Flickr. If you don't like the style of a letter chosen for you, click it to see another. Links to the full size images on Flickr are also available, so you could print them out and frame them for your wall.

I tried to put this up as my banner, but for some reason, it won't let me. If any of you bloggers know how I could do that, let me know! Thanks...

Monday, October 8, 2007

So I have started selling stuff again!!!

yay!!! I have finally gotten mostly moved back into our house. Pretty pathetic since it has been a month huh?? My craft room is ALMOST cleaned.. (I can walk through the door and into the closet!!!) That is a BIG accomplishment! So... if any of you are needing any BOWS, HEADBANDS, CLIPS, BABY BURPIES, etc... you better call me! Here are some of my newest creations.. if you want to buy any of them, go to or and you can get them there!

Also, I am starting to think that noone ever reads my blog. :( Come on people.. LEAVE ME A COMMENT!!! Thanks :)
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