Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Cute Niece Kendall! :)

This is my niece. Isn't she so cute? I love her! She is a month older than Emery. She has bright red hair and bright blue eyes! ADORABLE!!

The Jungle Queen!

Well, Brauns birthday was on Sunday! We had such a good time. I love birthdays! We woke up and went to church at 9 and then hung out for awhile after church. He opened up some presents(which I will post pictures of later) and then attempted to take a nap. At 5, a bunch of us went on a dinner cruise called the Jungle Queen. It was awesome! You get on this big paddle boat and it takes you around all the famous peoples houses in Ft. Lauderdale. There was some HUGE homes. Most were in the 10-20 million dollar range! Nuts huh? Then it drops you off at this island and you go in and eat all you can eat ribs, chicken and shrimp! And watch a variety show! We had a really good time, here are some pictures!

Our Friends Greg and Kara!

Justin and Sara Gleave and Jacey and Landon Ramsay!

The Jenkins!


Here we are at the Variety Show!

Greg and Kara! We love them! Well, at least Kara anyway.. haha Greg.

This monkey could do back flips!

Here is some of the group that came with us!

Oh and one more of cute Emery Loo!

I haven't had the chance to upload the pictures from my other camera of the birthday party that we had, so keep checking back!!

Utah Pictures!!

I forgot to add some of the pictures that I took when I visited Utah for 2 weeks! Sorry it has been awhile! Anyway, here goes!

Here I am with Diesel's little puppy! Isn't she cute?

Here we are at my gramma's house on the 4th of July!

Oh, I love snowcones more than anything..well--ALMOST anything! They don't have them back east and so I haven't been able to have one for 3 years. Yes, you read that right. 3 years! And to those of you that knew me in high school, that is hard to believe!!

P.S. The girl on the left of me is my cute sister Jackie.. Boys-- she is 18 and AVAILABLE!!!!!! yahoo!!

Check out this humming birds nest at my gramma's house! It is on top of one of her christmas lights!

Here is Emery, Bryan and Breean! She wasn't very used to them yet! :)

We went to Lake Mead for a few days. It was BLAZIN' hot there! 129 degrees. Unbearable! Anyway, here are some pictures from there!

My sister and her little girl.

My Crazy Brother in Law Mike!!

And here we are on the plane home!

It was so good to get back here to see Braun. I missed him so much! Emery did too! When she saw him, she didn't remember who he was for a minute. But when she realized it, she wouldn't let go of him. She layed on his shoulder for probably 15 minutes. It was so darn cute!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Emery is an animal!!!

haha.. just kidding. But holy smokes. She sure is "on the go!!" She is full on crawling nowadays! Before we left for Utah, she would do this hilarious scoot. She actually got a "NEW" bald spot on the side of her head because she would use it to push off! I am sad that she doesn't do that anymore. We would all just crack up everytime she did it. Well, we had been in Utah for about a week when Emery started to Crawl. The Real Crawl. No more of that scootin' stuff. She is officially into EVERYTHING!! Its scary. As a matter of fact, I just had to about give her the heimlich (sp?) She was eating plastic again!! Gosh! Anyway- I am off to clean my house. It really needs it after being gone for 2 weeks.

Oh I almost forgot, while we were in Utah-my family went down to Lake Mead. It was 129 degrees. Yep- you read right. 129!!!!! Even though it was blazin' hot-we had a really good time.

I loved going home to our new house!! I forgot how much I missed it. I got to see all of my neighbors which was nice too! :) I missed them... Guess what?? We had 2 little friends living there while we were gone. But being the trooper that I am, I went to Target and got some peanut butter, chocolate chips and 12, yes 12- mousetraps and got 2 the first day! EEEWW! Braun was so proud of me. He said, "Who needs an exterminator when we got you??" Yeah- if there are ANY more when we go back, we are hiring them. That was the sickest thing on the planet. They looked just like this-->

Oh- I should probably clarify...that is NOT me holding that disgusting rodent. That photo is courtesy of the internet. I wouldn't be caught dead holding one of those. eeew!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

We're LEAVIN' on a jet plane!!!

So Emery and I will be visiting Utah July 3-14. Want to hang out with us??? We know you do! Call us!! I am sure we would love to see you :)

Scary Scary!!

Leg Warmers...

Oh aren't these just the cutest things? I honestly want to buy out their entire website. Emery loves them as well. Can't you tell??

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