Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"911--Do you have an emergency??"

Holy Smokes! So I had to make Emery's 1st 911 call today.

We were sitting on the floor and I was writing down recipes. Well- Emery LOVES chewing on everything that she can get her little hands on. Emery had her cute new shoes on and somehow had managed to get one off and was chewing on it. I didn't think anything of it. Well, next thing I know- Emery had slobbered so much on her shoe that that plastic sticker that says the size, etc. had come off her shoe and she was choking on it! I immediately did the finger swoopy thing- and I felt nothing. She was still able to breathe a little bit, but when she would breathe she would feel it in her throat, gag, and then throw up. Well- I kept trying to feel around in her mouth to see if she had thrown it up yet.. No Luck. I got my phone and called 911. They said that they would send an ambulance since I didn't have a car. Well a few minutes go by and she had thrown up about 10 more times. I call my mom and she tells me to call 911 back and see if there is something that I should be doing. So I call them-they said that they had already sent an ambulance and that they should be there shortly and that she would stay on the phone with me. Well- Emery was still throwing up like crazy. I kept feeling around in her mouth to see if I could feel anything yet. Well-I was about to hang up with the 911 Operator and I looked down and the plastic was sitting on the end of Emerys tongue! Holy Moly-- I do NOT do good in those types of situations. Somehow I was able to stay pretty calm during the whole mess though. Looking back scares me to death- I can't believe I wasn't freaking out or screaming! We were definately blessed that day!

This is her going..."Ha Ha-- I scared you!"

Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Beach Pictures....

So we got to go to the beach again last Sunday. I think it has become a Sunday ritual for all of us. We played a few games of beach volleyball and just hung out. It was Memorial Day weekend and it was supposed to be terrible weather--but they were wrong! It was perfect! Here are some pictures from there..

Emery was actually suprisingly happy while we were there! She is really starting to get a personality. She is recognizing things that she likes (for example--my keys, my fanta, ANY kind of food--other than baby food, etc.)

She wants to crawl SOOOO bad.. here she is starting to attempt it!

The guys thought that it would be fun to be buried in the sand like kids again..

We had a really good time! I hope you all are jealous and seeing these makes you want to come and visit us!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Going Swimming...

I just thought that this was such a funny picture.. if she could talk, she would be saying.."ugh mom.. get me out of this ugly hat!" I just love dressing her up. She is like my real life doll!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some Old Pictures...

This was me and Emery at my sisters wedding!
I love this picture of Emery! Dang, I am good! just kidding...

Emery fell asleep when I was feeding her one day, Oh boy, I thought it was so funny!

Her Two Teefers!

I am so proud of this picture that I got of her!! I finally got a picture of her 2 teeth! I call them her "two teefers" She is constantly on chewing ANYTHING that she can put in her mouth! She is getting so big so fast!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Another Trip to the Beach...

Well we headed to the beach after church on Sunday. Emery still doesn't like it! We had a good time though. The water is so warm! It is like a swimming pool, probably a little warmer actually! Here are a few pictures from Sunday!
I love this picture.. Emery totally is giving the "Braun Eyebrow!!"
Braun and Cade think they are pretty sweet...
I am trying to get Emery used to this whole beach thing. It's NOT working! :(

Braun and a few friends (including his little brother Cade) played a little football on the beach. Cade smacked Greg on the back and gave him a pretty nasty welt!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


We got a chance to go to a Bird Zoo the other day! Well, kinda... we were planning on going to it until we found out that it was $18 a person to get in! Holy Smokes!! We did get to see a few birds though. I don't know who liked it more out of Braun or Emery. The red bird (I think its called a Macaw??) talked to us! Braun LOVED it! We really wanted to see some Flamingo's! Maybe we will go back there again..

I was picking us up some lunch at Wendy's a few days ago and guess what I saw eating from the garbage can??? A FLAMINGO!!! I had to take a second look because how often does that happen in Utah? NEVER! I wish that I would of had my camera.. maybe I will camp out there again one day so you all can see! So basically what I am getting at is who needs to pay $18 dollars to see a Flamingo when they are at Wendy's for free!??
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